Zip drive problems

  [DELETED] 20:29 01 Nov 2003

CDRW drive now seems to work ok following an update to InCD version 4 which became available last week. Can now do a software eject of the disk.

BUT big problems with ZIP100. It still had the the problem of not being able to do a software eject after copying a file. So I decided to uninstall the software and reinstall. Did this through Control Panel\AddDelete programs. Active disk wouldn't go so deleted manually. All sorts of problems. Tried to restore deleted files but still problems. Now no Zip drive and whenever I boot the message comes up that C\windows\Temp|Io20\FinishSetup.exe is not a valid Win32 application.

Unable to reinstall Iomegaware 2.2.1 (was updated to W32-x86-402).

If anyone has any ideas then Please let me know. Thinking of changing my handle to Zipless!

  LastChip 21:08 01 Nov 2003

It looks as though Iomega has left some temporary files behind, that is interfering with your reinstall process.

Go into Windows Explorer; C:\Windows\TEMP and delete any files that either have a tmp extension or that are obviously related to Iomega.

Now, try a reinstall and see what happens.

  [DELETED] 20:06 02 Nov 2003

Thanks LastChip. Did as you said...very carefully worked through and re-installed the software after deleting the mass of files in the temp folder - and elsewhere.

So back to where I began with the Zip drive. It works ok I can read files and write to it and can do a software eject. However there is still that niggle when I've copied FROM the Zip, I can't do a software eject, only a manual eject. The computer seems to think the Zip drive is still busy. Even after manually ejected it won't revert to the original condition and only a reboot will restore the software eject.

Weird eh?

  LastChip 21:43 02 Nov 2003

Sorry, I don't know the answer to the software eject problem, but glad you at least have use of the drive now.

Maybe an e-mail to Iomega tech support would provide an answer.

I suspect the answer lays in the Regestry somewhere, but where.........?

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