Zip Drive Problems

  recap 20:41 08 Oct 2003

I am having problems with my Zip Drive's. When I try to access the drive's from My Computer the system locks up and I have to eject the disk to gain access to the computer.

If I access the drive's from Explorer, a message comes up telling me that the disk is not formatted when I know it is. I have tried to Format the disk but a message comes up (after around 5 minutes) telling me that Windows could not finish formating the disk as I do not have enough memory on my computer.

I have a mix of 3 x 250 and 3 x 100 MB disk all are not accessible. Please note I have access to two seperate Zip Drives both give the same results.

I have downloaded the latest drives and software for the drive's.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

  recap 21:06 08 Oct 2003

Much appreciated BarryKeith will give that a try tomorrow, will report back with the results.

  recap 15:42 09 Oct 2003

Thanks seekit, the O/S's are W98, W2K and Mac OS 9, they are external USB drives.

  recap 15:01 10 Oct 2003

Thanks again BarryKeith for your link but, unfortunately that test software doesn't even recognise the drive/s on any platform. I may write to Iomega to see if they will replace the drives.

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