Zip drive freezes

  Pinelea 16:35 29 Jun 2004

I have run my 100Mbyte parallel port Zip drive on my 300Mhz/3 Gbyte Patriot, under Windows 98, successfully for five years.

Yesterday, after an engineer came to sort out a modem port fault after having to reload W98 twice in a fortnight, the drive will now only handle very small files. Anything of reasonable size (I guess 50kB or more) freezes both drive and machine. Impossible to soft boot; have to wait ages to power off - or turn off at mains.

Most frustrating, as all my pre re-install files are backed up to Zip discs.

I'd be grateful for suggestions.


Ralph P Smith

  Diodorus Siculus 16:55 29 Jun 2004

Have you tried a reinstall of the software and drivers?

  Pinelea 20:19 30 Jun 2004

Yes, I did try remove and reinstall; three times, without success. Last night a kindly neighbour passed me his now-redundant 250 Mbyte USB drive, to try. As I installed the drivers, the CD-Rom took over, identified existing 100 Mbyte drivers, and removed them.

Later, when rebooted, I found both 250 USB and 100 parallel set up with icons on the desktop, and both working perfectly. Still so today, after an overnight rest and reboot.

Previously, i've wondered why hitheto Ok setups should need a reinstall of new drivers; now I'm persuaded.

Thanks for the contribution.

Ralph P Smith

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