Zip 250 to 100 compatibility

  montyburns 13:18 17 Dec 2003

We are getting new PCs at work, to run alongside some existing ones.

We use Zip drives extensively. At the mo we have 3 machines using 100Mb drives and discs. Out IT dept say they can only source 250Mb drives for the new kit (sounds a little odd) and that there is NO compatibility between the two

Surely this is rubbish - there must be some backward compatibility?

I guess that you can use 100's in the 250 drives to read and write, and that anything written in this way can be read on a 100 drive. Also anything written using 100 discs in the 100 drive can be read by the 250?

I would assume that the only thing that CAN'T be done is to use the 250 discs in the 100 drive? Logically then, as we don't need 250 discs (we are way over capacity on the 100's for our needs) if we just stick to 100Mb discs for use in both drives, then we should be fine.

If it IS true that we can't use them side by side, and we upgrade ALL the drives, then we'll have to buy all new discs and chuck the old ones out. As we use 60+ discs this would be one helluva waste and an expense (doubtless the 250 discs cost even more than 100 discs?)

Any help appreciated!

  [email protected] E 13:28 17 Dec 2003

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  [email protected] E 13:29 17 Dec 2003

whoops! broken link just type 100mb disks in google and you will see they are still available.

  mrdsgs 13:52 17 Dec 2003

I guarantee that your assumptions are right.

100 mb disks work fine in 250mb drives (but they read and write a little slower than they do in a 100mb drive)

I have about 30 brand new 100mb disks and i think 2 100mb drive and a 250mb drive that i was thinking of putting on ebay. Please contact me if they would be of use to you. I also have about 10 250mb disks.

As a rough guide, I would expect to buy/sell 100 mb disks still shrink wrapped at £4 each and 250 mb disks at £8 each.

I now use usb pen drives, hence the genuine reason for possible sale.


  Jester2K II 13:53 17 Dec 2003

You can use 250 discs in a 250 drive.

You can use 100 discs in a 250 drive.

You cannot use 250 discs in a 100 drive.

ZIP 100 Discs at click here

  Jester2K II 14:01 17 Dec 2003


Can you explain the set up. If the old PCs have internal ZIP Drives can they not be transfered to the new PCs?

If external then they can be swapped when needed.

If they are looking for new ZIP 100 drives then point them at

ZIP 100 USB Drive - click here

ZIP 100 USB Slim Drive - click here

  Patr100 14:13 17 Dec 2003

The new 750 zip drives (do they mean these?) are not compatible with 100 Zip disks but OK with 250 disks, I believe, and Unless there has been a recent change 100 disks should be OK in a 250 drive.

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