zero knowledge of internet, need help

  Naomi_rose 05:45 11 Dec 2014

Hi everyone I need some assistance in the area of the family internet in my home. We recently got the national broadband network set up in our home and got set up with a really great (and expensive) service which is meant to give us really fast internet speeds. However 5 months on and our internet is terrible, almost as bad as before. The range of wifi is only 15 metres AT MAX and drops out after that range, although the device still says it is connected and wifi is shows to have high strength internet simply doesn't work. It has occurred to me that my problem may lie with my router, however my router is meant to be really good, it being the new and highly recommended rt-n66u asus dark knight. I did a speed test online and am shocked at the speeds, according to the service we get , which I can provide if needed, we should be getting much higher. DOWNLOAD- 3.13 Mbps UPLOAD- 3.40 Mbps PING- 13 ms

What really bugs me is how it just drops out, CONSTANTLY, but still says it's connected to the internet. I am also wondering if the number of devices has a impact, as we have a large family we have quite a few wireless devices being used. We have 2 gaming pc's which use wired internet and around 13 devices which use wireless, ranging from iPhones and iPods to laptops all generally used simultaneously . Also a Xbox and wii which are connected to the wifi constantly unless they are off.

Your help is much appreciated !

  Naomi_rose 05:48 11 Dec 2014

I just realised this is a European website and I'm in Australia, woops. Hopefully you can still help

  spuds 10:45 11 Dec 2014

Have you contacted your service provider, to see if they have a solution?.

You could also check this website out for internet/broadband information. While it is UK based, the various information provided by the website should also apply to Australia click here

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