Zero disk space

  loco 12:55 24 Jul 2003

My c: harddrive had more than 5 Giga before I installed an application. Now my drive is full ( a message is "low disk space". I cannot remove any application using "Add/Remove", because it requires at least 200MB on the C: drive, but I do not have 200MB and therefore I do not know what to do.

Could somebody help me please?


  bennyc 13:00 24 Jul 2003

First of all restart your computer, this can sometimes fix this type of problem, because it resets the Windows cache of your free drive space.

  plankton 13:15 24 Jul 2003

You may have to delete files "by hand", using explorer, seeing where the large files are on the c: drive and then deleting one, some or all of them. What did you install? I'd like to avoid that sort of problem if possible!

  leo49 13:29 24 Jul 2003

Check out the properties of your Recycle Bin - by default Windows grabs 10% and with the size of today's HDDs that's a ridiculous amount of space.


  plankton 15:26 24 Jul 2003

Loco, if the drive continues to fill up as you delete files what are you doing? WHAT did you install? Stop anything that is running (do <ctrl><Alt><delete> and stop each application that is running one by one) and then see what is happening. You will have to empty the recycle bin as leo49 has advised. I don't know what else you'll be able to do, perhaps someone else can help from there.....

  BlueMeanie 18:48 25 Jul 2003

Empty the Recycle Bin, Navigate to C:\Windows\Temp and delete all the temp files, in Control Panel navigate to Internet Options and delete temporary Internet Files.

This should release some space.

  bennyc 18:57 25 Jul 2003

BlueMeanie instead of doing all that manually, way not just use the DiskCleanup. Find this by going Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools. Or just go into My Computer and right click on the drive you want to do this to and select properties and disk clean up at the top.

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