zen sleek mp3 player

  gibfish26 16:59 06 Sep 2008

my zen is about 3 years old,when i loaded it with music i had a xp based pc,i now have a vista home premium pc,but the zen is not compatable with vista,i think i need to upgrade the firmware,but before doing so i have to format the zen,so this will wipe my music off,i have a external hard drive to wHich i have backed up my pc using ACRONIS TI-11,is there any way i can transfer my music from the zen to my external hdd,or does anyone know how to install the latest drivers for vista.any advice would be much appreciated.thanks.


  Ditch999 18:06 06 Sep 2008

When the player is connected to an XP machine does it appear in Explorer as a removable drive? If so just copy all the music to a folder on the PC (or external HDD)
Does the Creative software have a backup facility to burn your music to CD/DVD?

Here are all the downloads for a Zen Sleek for Vista 32 bit click here

There is also a link to "Get the latest firmware now" on the page

  100andthirty 19:01 06 Sep 2008

you need to get the music from the sleek onto the PC. I'm sure there's an option to do this in Creative MediaSource that came with your Sleek and has been regularly updated since; it will create a PC library. Whatever you do, verify that these files are on your PC or external hard disc before proceeding

the firmware update has to be done on an XP machine; it cannot be done on a Vista machine.

once it's done your sleek will work with WMP as well as Creative's software.

bottom line is that you need access to an XP PC with the XP Sleek drivers

  gibfish26 12:47 07 Sep 2008

ditch999 and 100andthirty.
thanks for your feedback,i am going to my sons later today he has a xp laptop so i will check this out.once again thanks.

  gibfish26 18:24 07 Sep 2008

tried zen on my sons xp laptop it is not being reconised on that either,so i have left it with him and he is going to do all the downloads to see if that works,does anyone know how to format the zen sleek i have tried holding down the on/off button while pressing the reset button but the menu does not show,any info would be much appreciated.thanks.

  canarieslover 19:02 07 Sep 2008

With ZEN Vision series you have to press on/off switch and then reset button, then release on/off switch before releasing reset button. This then gives menu for Format, Scandisk, Reload firmware or Reboot. Hope this is of some help to you.

  gibfish26 20:31 07 Sep 2008

thanks for response i will give that a try,cheers

  hessodreamy 20:21 15 Oct 2008

I'm also having terrible trouble getting my zen sleek to work with vista (32 bit).

The software disc says it won't work with that operating system. I downloaded the latest drivers, but when I plug the zen in, it can't locate them. I downloaded the latest firmware, but it says the device isn't connected (this happens on both the new vista machine and on the xp machine on which all the software is installed).

I'm stuck and I'm out of ideas. Anyone got any?

  I am Spartacus 20:38 15 Oct 2008

What happens if you connect the Zen, can you see it in Windows Explorer? If you can you just drag and drop your files onto the Zen.

  hessodreamy 19:12 16 Oct 2008

Nope. Not there.

  100andthirty 19:27 16 Oct 2008

look at the earlier part of the thread.

Zen sleek needs special drivers from the disc that came with it of from the creative site in order to work on XP. It won't work on Vista unless it has been upgraded to "plays for sure" firmware. Once this is done it is plug and play on both XP and Vista

you must:

1) install drivers on XP machine and then connect the sleek
2) back up your sleek if you need to
3) download and run the "plays for sure" firmware from the sleek download page
4) follow the instructions
5) when successfully completed the sleek will work on Vista

more info here:

click here={D0F19C16-3B20-4E69-BC69-7F708173173D},VARSET=ws:click here

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