"zapped" usb flash drive

  murrayhouse 20:11 19 Feb 2004

My son managed to apparently kill my 128 mb usb flash drive by leaving it connected while he messed about with the connection to the usb header on the motherboard. I'm assuming that the data bus got a blast of dc voltage. Since then it appears to be completely dead. It's unrecognised and the LED doesn't flash when it's inserted. I wouldn't be at all surprised to be told it was a goner, but on the off chance, has anyone got any thoughts on any way it could be resurrected. And in case anyone wonders, yes I have given my son a lecture on working on a live system!

  jimv7 20:30 19 Feb 2004

I had it happen to me, since then I only plug it into the rear usb ports of any machine that I am working on, not the front as the whoever built the machine can get the connections wrong.

Its more than likely to be 'burnt out', get a new 1.

  AubreyS 20:31 19 Feb 2004

Try it on another PC?

  murrayhouse 21:29 19 Feb 2004

Thanks for responses. No, it's dead on any port in any PC. Think I'll have to accept it's a goner.

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