Zalman cpu cooler problem!!

  CutNpaste 21:12 31 May 2005

Hi everyone,
Has any one here owned a Zalman CNPS7700 cpu cooler for the 775 socket.
My one doesnt fit my case cos of the psu comes in the way and i am thinking is there a case big enough to fit it in.
Please dont recommend me any other cooler as i already have the freezer 7 and i have got temperature problems. THe inside of my case gets really hot even though i have an exaust.
Probably a bigger case would be better as it will have moe space in it for airflow.


  Technotiger 21:15 31 May 2005

Hi, I am not familiar with the Zelman, but I think you have probably answered your own question - i.e. get a bigger case.


  CutNpaste 21:20 31 May 2005

the thing is which case would fit a zalman.


  Technotiger 21:29 31 May 2005

The first one shown here - the Thermaltake looks a possibility I think.

click here


  Indigo 1 23:52 31 May 2005

Which case do you have now ?

Can you describe the layout ?

Is the PSU in front of the CPU or above it ?

The Zalman cooler is not usually known to need a bigger case than a Standard Full Tower ATX case and should even fit in most Midi ATX cases.

Why not contact Zalman click here

  SANTOS7 00:00 01 Jun 2005

click here
have you thought about round ide cables similar to the one shown, they greatly increase airflow if you have a heat problem.

  De Marcus 00:01 01 Jun 2005

Try a server case, I originally bought mine to house 5 hard drives and 3 optical drives, it's about 50% bigger with the atx form factor, albeit a bit boring to lok at (not too bothered as it's hidden), it's practical for me.

  Technotiger 00:02 01 Jun 2005

Hi, your click here is for a Restaurant ??

  SANTOS7 00:05 01 Jun 2005

Now there's a thought PC takeaway select from the online menu, collect or home delivery..

  CutNpaste 00:54 01 Jun 2005

well i have a gaming case its called the "dracula case".
My psu is located above the cpu.

And the only reason why i havent purchased a server case is because although they are spacious inside - i havent found one that u can put the psu anywhere else apart from above the cpu.
Ive also contacted zalman to recomend a case but they havent replied yet

  Indigo 1 09:12 01 Jun 2005

Sorry about the restaurant link..Doh! lol

I have seen a case recently which has the PSU at the bottom and the Mobo is mounted upside down with special channels or ducting to draw air straight across the CPU (not BTX) I am searching for it again and will post a link if I can find it.

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