Zalman Coolers (Are they any good?)

  STEVE71163 14:54 04 Aug 2003

When i went in my pc shop this morning i was looking at the zalman coolers and the chap was saying that if the fan speed is turned up they are excellent for lowering cpu temperatures? Also are they best fitted with the thermal grease that comes with them or is it better to buy one of the little pads?

  STEVE71163 17:49 04 Aug 2003


  hugh-265156 18:00 04 Aug 2003

yes they are very good.

use the paste that comes with it.

click here for a guide

  Ironman556 18:12 04 Aug 2003

I've got a Zalman 5100CU, under load solidly for 15 mins 2800XP maxes at 50C, and sits around 35-40C idle. I swapped the standard fan with a converter and silent coolermaster fan.

I bought some Antec thermal grease from Maplins, but you can buy Arctic Silver III from click here for less.

  STEVE71163 18:59 04 Aug 2003

Thanks for replys. So really it is just putting a small amount of the thermal grease on just the core?

  ade.h 23:31 04 Aug 2003

My Zalman Flower cooler keeps my Athlon XP1700 at less than 39'c with no other fans apart from two in the power supply, so yes, they are really good!

  STEVE71163 06:36 05 Aug 2003

Do i need to take the motherboard out of the case to take off the old heatsink and fan and fit the new? and what do i use to clean the old gunge off of the core?

  hugh-265156 15:50 05 Aug 2003

its better to remove the mobo as it will give you more room to work.

clean the processor with isopropanol and a cotton bud,buy this from any good chemist.

  Ironman556 18:28 05 Aug 2003

It's probably best to remove the motherboard fully to work on it.

If you're buying any cooler make sure that it will fit your board. My board has 4 holes around the CPU, which bolts go though to screw the heatsink into place, not all board have these holes, so check your board supports it first. The Zalman site/coolers clearly state if you need the holes.

  STEVE71163 15:43 06 Aug 2003

I have fitted the zalman cooler this afternoon and all i can say is i am amazed by the temperature differance. It has taken my temperature from 58c earlier today to 47c now. :0)

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