ZA & other Firewalls question!

  gazmix 13:35 23 Sep 2007

I've been prompted to update ZA. But, i though it updated itself.
Every so often, the ZA icon in the taskbar shows a white arrow within it & says it's updating!
Is this just keeping the intrusion etc up to date, whereas the prompt is a whole new version?

In my 'add/remove' programmes, it says ZA is 8.9MB, whereas the update prompt is 30MB, whet is the difference!

Are Comodo & Kerio smaller & just as good, which one would be a good alternative when it comes to ease of use, minimum size, effectiveness!


  birdface 13:54 23 Sep 2007

I use Kerio,Just download it and leave it .It works just like windows with no pop-ups annoying you wanting you to allow or deny programs all the time.But in simple mode that I use it only covers incomming traffic.Full version is to complicated for me.

  Stuartli 13:58 23 Sep 2007

Including the latest version update of free ZA, it takes up 9.1MB in Add/Remove Porgrams on my system.

Perhaps the download you mention includes the (unwanted in my case) Security Suite recently introduced by ZoneLabs?

  gazmix 13:58 23 Sep 2007

is it as reliable as ZA?, what is outgoing traffic?, is it smaller than ZA as i said above?

  jarani 14:12 23 Sep 2007

I find the way ZA operates with constant popups very distracting and I decided to delete it

I now rely on Windows alone - if this is not sufficient which is preferable of the alternatives ? - jarani

  gazmix 14:19 23 Sep 2007

I don't raely want to download that much if it's not necessary, i have a slow pc & will take ages.

Going from 8.9MB to 39MB is huge & i don't know wether is necessary!
I have seen ZA update itself when the white arrow appears over the icon in task bar! What is the difference between this & the prompt i got asking me to update now or remind me later??

What about the alternatives, are they smaller, easy, affective etc!

  tullie 14:20 23 Sep 2007

ZA will give you pop us initially,once it recgnises a programme it wont

  [email protected] 14:23 23 Sep 2007

with z/a i found the best way to live with it is to put program control on low 'learning' until you have used everything on the pc after a couple of days switch it back to medium, while it's on learning it will block any known nasty and you wont get any pop ups, this is how symantec and kaspersky firewalls work by default. turning z/a program control to medium is a very secure firewall as every program has to ask for clearance. if you use it with program control off or inbound firewall only, save yourself the bother and use windows firewall. 14:26 23 Sep 2007

dumped ZA after a few years of us and gone over to Comodo.

The only reason I have done this is because a few teats by people who know more than I do have given 3 star ratings to ZA and 5 stars to Comodo after testing. My only interest is to keep intruders out so I go with the experts who in the main have gone with ZA up until now.

  gazmix 14:28 23 Sep 2007

just wondered if anyone could answer the questions i wrote?
I know all about trhe popups, i'm asking about the size, the updates & alternatives!!

  gazmix 14:44 23 Sep 2007

I checked on filehippo & ZA is 39MB, Comodo is 7MB.
Could it be that it's the new edition & not just an update! If it's the new edition, do i need it! as i thought ZA updated itself via the little white arrow that occasionaly appears in the ZA icon in taskbar!

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