yp< a y in AOL email

  Jane doe 09:17 20 Feb 2003

yp a y...this is all a customer gets in his emails from us. He is on AOL we are not, in fact he is a new customer and the only one I know with AOL. No matter what I send to him from any computer it comes up like this. We are on XP and Win 98se and use outlook express. It looks like the coding you get with pics in newsgroups. His messages arrive here OK. Any ideas lads? Thanks Jane

  matt5705 11:42 20 Feb 2003

if you use outlook express tell your mate to use the browser in the aol program i know its abit plain but maybe it might sort your problem if not aol hav a free help line. also check how its sent is it sent in html or text try both settings

  jazzypop 11:51 20 Feb 2003

Are you sending your message as plain text? If so, the problem is very likely to be at his end.

  Jane doe 15:45 20 Feb 2003

Thanks guys the emails are sent in html I think its not the plain one because it has our headers in it.

  jazzypop 15:52 20 Feb 2003

Try sending a message as plain text. It is likely that he has setup his email client to only view email as plain text.

With many html-triggered viruses, this is a wise move. Many businesses now simply delete any incoming email formatted as html.

  Jane doe 16:01 20 Feb 2003

OK thanks jazzypop. Actually someone from in here called Bernie has sent me a message suggesting I send him a message in plain text and html as he is on AOL and see if it come through. This I have done.

  colberly 16:21 20 Feb 2003

I'm Bernie aka colberly. Forgot to say on the e mail that I also use ME. Anyway hope the problem is now solved. BTW I'm a she. lol

  Jane doe 16:29 20 Feb 2003

Ok lol thanks Colberly. I need to work out if I need to send emails in plain text now or try to get customer to check his email settings. Thanks for help. Whats BTW?

  Jane doe 16:31 20 Feb 2003

Aha got it!! BTW Bring The Wine.

  colberly 16:31 20 Feb 2003

BTW, Internet speak for By the way.

  colberly 16:32 20 Feb 2003

Like your translation better though.

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