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Youtube want to change username

  thumbscrew 10:23 29 Jan 2013

Just tried and failed to sign in to Youtube. Box appeared and told me that I must change my sign in details to use my full name. Anyone ditto?

  thumbscrew 10:45 29 Jan 2013

Thanks Chronos, looked kosher and I can't sign in with my correct details??

  thumbscrew 11:20 29 Jan 2013

My brother's just called me, same thing for him, seems like it's genuine and they're forcing everyone to display their Google registration name to post.Do a search on it.

  lotvic 12:13 29 Jan 2013

YouTube sign in, you use your email address and Password.

I kept getting that YouTube wants to use my proper name from my Google account.

After getting tangled up in the flipping thing, I finally backtracked to original screen clicked on 'I don't want to' and on next window clicked on the icon button of 2 people and 'want to use 2 names' and voila, I got my home page and nothing changed except a green strip notice at the top that said 'You have not updated your name Learn more about using your full name on YouTube, and update at any time'

  thumbscrew 17:41 29 Jan 2013

Hello lotvic, I got so frustrated that I opted for the change, posted a test reply on there and my name's now proudly displayed for all to see....regretting it already!

  lotvic 21:41 29 Jan 2013

You can edit it back, you have that option, I'll log in later and try to find the option.

  thumbscrew 22:27 29 Jan 2013

Thanks amigo.

  thumbscrew 23:09 29 Jan 2013

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