Youtube keeps sticking.

  hiwatt 16:44 24 Feb 2013

Hi folks. While on Youtube the audio/video keeps sticking on my girlfriends computer.(Windows vista)The latest version of flash player/firefox is installed and it was doing it with the last few previous versions too?It gets really bad when using the mouse to scroll down etc.I've tried everything I can think of(including disabling flash's protected mode)It happens at all times of the day and she has a fast broadband connection speed so it's not that? Has anyone else experienced this and been able to find a cure?Thanks.

  Graphicool1 18:43 24 Feb 2013

Are you refering to buffering? If this is the case, this used to happen to me when I had WinXP. To get round it, click 'Play' on the video and when the little round icon starts moving from left to right, hit the pause button. The icon will freeze, but you should see another lighter coloured line moving from behind it. Wait until it gets about half way across. Then hit the play button.

  Graphicool1 18:46 24 Feb 2013

Or you could try this... Click Here

  Graphicool1 18:47 24 Feb 2013

In case that link doesn't work...

  hiwatt 10:44 25 Feb 2013

No it's not "buffering" graphicool it's just sticking all the time.I seem to recall it started around the time flash player was updated from version 10 so think it might have something to do with that but don't want to run with an older vulnerable version of flash player installed?

  rdave13 11:09 25 Feb 2013

Have you tried disabling hardware acceleration?

  hiwatt 12:49 25 Feb 2013

Yes rdave tried that.It doesn't make a difference.Thanks.

  hiwatt 12:50 25 Feb 2013

I have the same broadband speed/provider and don't have this problem on windows 7.

  Graphicool1 16:20 25 Feb 2013

When she updated 'Flash Player' did she get the right one for her OS and Browser?

  hiwatt 22:23 25 Feb 2013

Yes Graphicoo1. I was curious to see if anyone on here had ever experienced the same problem as when googling it there seems to be quite a few that have experienced youtube audio sticking/jumping when using the mouse cursor but I can't find a cure for it?

  rdave13 22:57 25 Feb 2013

Run task manager when viewing a video and see what is using the CPU.

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