Youtube hacked?

  Whiteadder310556 13:23 14 May 2009

Has my youtube account been hacked? I can't even post comments to my own thread! As far as I am aware there are options for me to block, remove, etc in a thread, but not third parties.

  Whiteadder310556 15:34 14 May 2009

Bump^. Still looks as I am blocked out!

  Whiteadder310556 19:44 14 May 2009


  JanetO 08:52 15 May 2009

It's possible: click here

  zklampkin 09:10 15 May 2009

Maybe you insulted the administrator or posted some porn videos, and you are blocked by youtube. lol, this is only my guessing.

  Whiteadder310556 12:17 15 May 2009

Porn no! Blocked by somebody yes! But why youtube it's nothing outrageous, something like are, moon landing hoaxers wrong.There is some copyright material on it, but there are thousands of copyright videos on YT. Anyhow its "fair usage". And other similar videos of mine haven't been blocked.How do I get unblocked!

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