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YouTube fails to display Max screen option

  IanS1 16:40 15 Aug 2018

I have a problem with YouTube suddenly not displaying properly on my old 2009 model MacBook.

To describe the problem – at the base of any YouTube screen you should see a line of control symbols/buttons with a play or pause symbol on the far left, then a couple of other symbols, and then to the far right a symbol/button for subtitles, a cogged wheel button for settings, then a rectangular button for cinema mode and finally a larger square button which you click to maximise the display size … but suddenly I no longer see those last two buttons, i.e. for no apparent reason that line of symbols now ends with the cogged wheel button (as if cinema and maximum have been chopped off).

In fact, when I first click on any of the usual small YouTube video icons, for two or three seconds a medium size display appears WITH all of those control buttons showing (inc. the cinema and maximum), but then it suddenly blinks & changes so that it cuts off those last two symbols.

As I say, this just happened a couple of days ago for no apparent reason.

Anyone know what might be wrong (the “settings” option does not seem to contain anything about the size of the display or about any of those control buttons along the base of any YouTube video)??

  difarn 17:20 15 Aug 2018

Have you tried any of these suggestions for different browsers?

click here you tried clearing your browser cache and cookies?


  IanS1 12:10 16 Aug 2018

Hi … thanks for that info. … reading that link that does look like a possible cause, though I can't try it right now because this morning that Mac also has a problem with it's internet connection where it's extremely slow trying to open anything at all … that's definitely a problem with that older Mac though because I have 2 other laptops that are both working fine on the same Wi-Fi router in the same room … although that ancient Mac has been my main laptop in recent years, maybe it's time to give it a bit of a rest (or else update it's browser and clear out unwanted files, cookies and junk etc.).

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