Youtube crashes my whole home network!

  NathanClarke 21:02 22 Dec 2014

Ok, I'm pretty stressed already but lately my network has been crashing if I watch YouTube videos on my PC. So I talk to Talktalk (My ISP) and they respond with this message: "Hi, please check your equipment as due to the website working on your other devices i would suggest it is an issue with your PC. Thanks, Leon" So yesterday I run a factory restore on my PC (Including wiping my main SSD and re-installing a fresh copy of windows 8. 6 hours later once Its finished installing. I try out youtube, and it works! until about an hour ago! I am just watching videos like I always do and it crashes again. I restart my router as always and it does it again so I decide to watch it on my phone which as i said on twitter, has had no troubles. After about 30 seconds of watching the video my network crashes. So somehow the situation has gotten worse and YouTube is broken! Please leave any help you may have as I have been searching through forums for the last 3-4 hours and it is really getting me stressed out as I seem to be the only one having this problem!

  BillSers 03:51 23 Dec 2014

I haven't a clue but it's worth checking your splitter is okay.

  Kev08 13:21 23 Dec 2014

God damn, i have a huge troubles with adobe flash either(yeah, i think trouble in that.

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