Youtube constantly freezing and buffering

  thumbscrew 23:41 07 Sep 2014

Lately I'm finding Youtube videos freezing a lot more than they used to. I've just read a tip about turning off "Use hardware acceleration when available" in my Firefox options. Can anyone tell me if this is a good idea?

  rdave13 23:49 07 Sep 2014

It has been known to work. Try it and also check your internet speed. Do at least three checks at various times of day. Usually evening times should show the worst download speed you can expect.

  thumbscrew 00:00 08 Sep 2014

Thank you rdave, so disabling it won't affect my computer? Just checked my speed now...Download=11.6 Upload=0.79

  rdave13 00:10 08 Sep 2014

No, as you can always enable it again. For your download speed you should have no buffering at all. If you use Ccleaner then I'd run it and see if clearing cashes, history etc helps.

  thumbscrew 00:41 08 Sep 2014

Superb rdave, will do I've got cCleaner installed. Thanks for your help, you've answered many of my posts and I've learned a lot from your responses.

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