You're missing the P2P fun

  DieSse 17:04 02 Jul 2005

I can't think no-one else wants to contribute - please don't leave it all to me!

click here

  gudgulf 18:01 02 Jul 2005

There will be more contributions when the link to that forum (and the absolute beginners forum) finally make it to the links at the top of the page.They are somewhat hidden at the moment.Maybe the link should be posted on the P2P networks!!!

  DieSse 19:55 02 Jul 2005

Yup - already made that very point to the powers that be!

  octal 20:37 02 Jul 2005

I've been reading the threads with interest, needless to say its a contentious issue, I'm not sure why they put the forum up knowing how it was going to stir emotions, so I'll keep my P2P views to myself thanks.

But please, you carry on, I'm enjoying reading.

  DieSse 22:29 02 Jul 2005

"so I'll keep my P2P views to myself thanks."

Go on - let your hair down!

  octal 08:01 03 Jul 2005

"Go on - let your hair down!"

Hair!!? I wish click here

  Magik ®© 10:48 03 Jul 2005

I posted, and within minutes someone was on my case....for no reason, that i can i will give it a miss..................

  DieSse 10:50 03 Jul 2005

LOL - I've still got mine! - but we're probably about the sames ages give or take a few.

  leo49 12:20 03 Jul 2005

Fun? - After reading the same old fallacies masquerading as arguments for 4 years it's more like punishment detail.

  Forum Editor 14:24 03 Jul 2005

That's a shame. Valid arguments always stand on their own two feet,and you've always been a lively contributor in the past.

P2P is a contentious subject, it's bound to produce robust debate, but that doesn't mean it has to be unpleasant or personal. I get mail asking why we can't have more open discussions, so here we are - open discussion. Of course it will stir the emotions, but what's wrong with that?

Once we put the link on the page-tops we'll get plenty of diiscussion I'm sure - especially in view of the fact that the subject is going to hot up over the next few months.

  octal 14:48 03 Jul 2005

Don't get me wrong, just 'cos I don't contribute, doesn't mean that I don't enjoy reading, because I do, and nothing wrong with emotions provided they don't get out of hand, but you know what us humans are like......... You'll probably find a lot people might read more than contribute. Good for PCA in putting up a forum like that, it looks like you're going to have your work cut out though, good luck.

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