Your thoughts please on site

  holligan 19:45 05 Dec 2003

Nearly finished most pages, just wandered if i`am heading in the right direction.

Some pages go to far over but they are up tight before i upload ?

ps, barry still cant do the links right ?

click here cheer`s any ideas what else i can put on ? Id like to do a submit a question but will that be to hard for me?

  Pesala 23:06 05 Dec 2003

I like the simple site layout, which needs barely any scrolling. Easy to browse.

One problem for me is that I find the blue text on the green buttons hard to read. Black might be clearer. I don't like underlined text anywhere, least of all on websites, as one expects it to be a link. BOLD is best, a larger font is better than all caps in most cases.

TYPOS (corrections in brackets)

General problem: no space after full-stops and commas in many places.

Some good links to viset (visit)

You can create a garden to suit your lifestyle and budget.The garden should (be) as maintenance free as possible. (You can achieve this by using the right materials, by selecting the right plants and planting in the right place.

I started to landscape the garden in the year of 2000. As the smaller photos show (, w)hen I moved in it was all broken fencing and paving slabs, no plants. I cleared the site and started again. First erected the fence and then marked out for the lawn. Laid turf and then planted up the borders.

Don(')t plant to(o) many fast growing plants

Replant shrubs and trees that have outgrown there (their) space

Paint in a colour to match your garden (Green looks good) (Font too small)

  holligan 23:37 05 Dec 2003

i have done the spelling i think. i did use a checker but it said it was you leave a space after every full stop i dont no were commas go really.cheers i will leave the underlined for now and i dont no how to change the blue text.

  Forum Editor 23:55 05 Dec 2003

since you began this project, and the finished result does you credit - I am one of those who know what a lot of hard work went into this.

There are lots of typos, as Pesala has pointed out, and I agree with him about underlined text - people always expect it to be a hyperlink.

I would have preferred to see fewer navigation buttons - perhaps later on you might revise the site so that some of the pages are amalgamated.

  PurplePenny 00:33 06 Dec 2003

Leave a space after every full stop and comma.

If you want help with the spelling and punctuation we'll always help.


  PurplePenny 00:48 06 Dec 2003

I'd get rid of the advert for talksport radio - or confine it to the links page. It has nothing to do with the business and might put people off.


  Pesala 18:01 06 Dec 2003


Since your using NOF MX I expect it is very similar to my version. To change the text colour:

1. Click on Style

2. Double-click on the primary button (I expect you have used that one, but secondary button can be edited in the same way.

3. Click on "text settings"

4. Click on color "set.."

5. Change from blue to black, and OK back to main screen.

6. Click on page to see the changes to your site.

NOF sites use a style sheet for buttons, banners, backgrounds, etc. It is possible to change any or all of these elements for any style, or create your own new style. I wouldn't change much, the style is fine.

  holligan 19:38 06 Dec 2003

fe. i thought the same but dont know how to put the pages in side each other.ill ask later on.

cheers pesala i will try that.

penny, that ad is my pride and joy.but cheers for help with writeing i need it.haha

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