your recommended freeware download meter + average daily surfing usage, in mb?

  theDarkness 00:27 02 Feb 2012

What would you recommend as a good freeware net usage meter for showing daily and monthly download/upload reports?

I am also wondering what I should expect for a days usage regarding download from a system only used for light surfing. The system has only been on since 6pm today (roughly 6 hrs), not always connected to the net, used to surf fairly lightly by 2 users. No updates. I am using the Networx usage meter which has been recommended by some websites (although some users have noted inaccurate readings in some versions). My usage report for the last 6 hrs is showing 240mb in total for download-does that sound about right? I am using TalkTalk which has an online checker, but it can take up to 3 days to update, so I thought I would search for a freeware equivalent. Thanks for any info

  lotvic 02:14 02 Feb 2012
  Zurdo 10:54 02 Feb 2012
  theDarkness 12:49 02 Feb 2012

thanks, I might use my current meter for this month and compare it with the "official" talktalk usage meter, and do the same for another meter to see just how accurate they can be.

Im not sure if 240mb is reasonable or not for 6 hrs of light usage?

  lotvic 16:02 02 Feb 2012

Download usage will depend on the content of the pages you visit, some have a lot more than others. I use an ad-blocker to cut down on downloading adverts.

  theDarkness 23:51 02 Feb 2012

I have the free 'adblock plus' addon for firefox. It does its job reasonably well, it doesnt work with all websites, but its better than nothing. As for download usage, it was mainly out of interest/boredom :D as over the past few weeks TT's own meter was not always functioning (the website was impossible to log into due to their own issues, so no meter visible). I thought I would find out exactly what a days usage might take up if I tried to stay away from media loaded websites. Not an easy thing to avoid nowadays with flash/java/video advertising almost everywhere you go. I know I can switch certain content off in most browsers but Im not sure if this always prevents the content being downloaded.

At least its potentially blockable-I wish I could say the same with the constant bingo and casino adverts on my tv screen these days. Thats another subject, but Im beginning to feel like my tv is just an extension of my internet now with identical annoying advertising after my money-now I need freeview adblock plus! XD thanks

  theDarkness 23:53 02 Feb 2012

ps download total for this month now at 450mb-im beginning to believe my chosen meter may be fairly accurate

  cocteau48 13:28 04 Feb 2012

Might this be of some use to you: enter link description here

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