Is your Pipex BB working

  Halmer 17:27 14 Mar 2004

becasue mine appears to be playing up again.

I'm back on dial up to post this. I intermittently get the two little tele's at the bottom right of the screen but Outlook Express fails as does IE which returns a Page cannot be displayed error message.

I can only assume that: -

1. There is a problem at Pipex again or
2. My settings that are specific to Pipex have been corrupted or something.

  VoG II 17:35 14 Mar 2004

No problem according to the Status box at click here

  blanco 17:42 14 Mar 2004

Have you tried rebooting and then reconnecting. I've had problems in the past when there has been a brief outage and automatic reconnection and have found it cures itself after a reboot.

I have had a connection corrupted but this resulted in not being able to connect. I then deleted the connection and set it up afresh and this cleared the problem.

I am with Pipex and have no current problems.

  leo49 18:00 14 Mar 2004

Yup - faultlessly as usual.

  Halmer 18:03 14 Mar 2004

that I dare to do apart from changing any settings etc.

Just can't understand why it works sometimes then not others.

  LastChip 18:08 14 Mar 2004


  Halmer 18:40 14 Mar 2004

a system restore and it's working now so either it is a coincidence or there was a problem with PC.

Just can't understand how my PC would cause an intermittent fault.

  VoG II 18:48 14 Mar 2004

Just an idea:

Does this occur after visiting certain websites? A visitor here "broke" my cable broadband twice in an hour by browsing (and not to dodgy sites). Nothing apparently wrong in settings and had to use System Restore to get it back. As I said, just a thought.

  Halmer 19:07 14 Mar 2004

I thought that it was working now but when I terminated the connection and 'dialled' back up I've still got the same problem.

  LastChip 19:31 14 Mar 2004

You shouldn't be having these problems with Pipex, so perhaps the time has come to check your configuration.

I am assuming you have a BT line to provide the Pipex service. If it's cable please do not accept these settings as being accurate.

Somewhere on your ADSL setup, you should be able to check the various settings being used. They should be as follows;

VPI = 0

VCI = 38

Service type = PPPoA Routed

Framing = VC MUX

ADSL Mode = ITU G.992.1 Annex A (G.dmt)

Please see if you can check and make sure this is what you have.

  leo49 19:49 14 Mar 2004

You don't say your modem type. I used to have the Alcatel frog and every couple of weeks it would play up for a few minutes or longer.When building this new machine I fitted a cheap PCI modem and I've had zero irritations since.Much more stable and rock solid.

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