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  reddwarfcrew 23:03 12 Jan 2003
  reddwarfcrew 23:03 12 Jan 2003

My evesham PC is approaching being 3 years old and I've got the bug for wanting a newer better PC (I'm fed up with Win98 and reckon if I'm gonna spend £100 on XP, I might as well upgrade the whole lot - faster DVD/CDRW, TFT monitor, better RAM etc). If I do take the plunge to fork out another £1500 on a new PC, how much would I get for my current one (I have possible people interested in it at work)? Spec:

AMD Athlon 700 Processor
MicroStar motherboard with AMD chipset
20Gb Maxtor DiamondMax 7200 RPM UDMA66 Hard Disk
Midi Tower ATX
8x DVD-ROM Drive
LG Electronics 4X 4X 24X CD-RW
nVidia GeForce 32Mb AGP Video Card
Creative Sound Blaster PCI Live! 1024 OEM
Windows 98 SE
US Robotics Sportster 56 Flash Internal Modem
Creative Labs CSW52 Speakers
3.5" 1.44Mb Floppy Disk Drive
Ultratouch Keyboard
Logitech Wheel Mouse


  reddwarfcrew 23:05 12 Jan 2003

how do you get it to do a list when posting a message, I did do returns after each component in the spec!?!?

  VoG™ 23:05 12 Jan 2003

Double returns.

  TheShoopShoopSong 23:09 12 Jan 2003

I'm thinking somethign in the regions of 200 pounds ish? maybe a little steep though...

  reddwarfcrew 23:14 12 Jan 2003

Being the fool that I am, I copied the spec from my email when I bought it, forgetting that I've sinced upgraded to 512MB Ram and a 900Mhz CPU.

  Forum Editor 23:17 12 Jan 2003

on offer for £230 at a recent school jumble sale I attended. The changing face of Britain, eh? What happened to all the old alarm clocks, barometers that don't work, and books about adventures in Cornwall during the summer holidays?

  Forum Editor 23:18 12 Jan 2003

= revised selling price. Say £250/300 now.

  The PC Doctor 23:22 12 Jan 2003

Looking at your specs I'm afraid you wouldn't get what you should for PC. I couldn't give you a price, I would suggest you look in your local paper Ads and get an idea from that.

Here's another thought for you - why not keep most of the bits and build a new PC yourself. I would suggest that with a newer CPU & motherboard you could have an up-to-date PC and save your self loads of money.

If it's any kind of indication I saw a deal today at a local comp trade show (NE UK) for an AMD 1.8 all that was needed was a hard drive & monitor for £158.

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