Your opinions on my web site please

  Stevie D 19:09 10 Jul 2003


I've built a site for a friend's business. As its my first go I was wondering what everybody thought of it. The URL is:

click here


  User-312386 20:04 10 Jul 2003

well for a 1st site i am impressed

What did you build the site with?

The only thing that i noticed was that viewing in 1152x864 is fine. However, when going down in resolution the pages scrunch up.

You really need to put the text etc etc in frames

On the whole though 10/10 for a 1st site

I like it

  Pesala 21:20 10 Jul 2003

Easy to navigate. Looks fine at 1024 x 768.

Only obvious fault I could see was the size of the heading on Photo Gallery, which SHOUTS a bit too much. I would change it to the same text font as the headings on other pages.

The slightly larger 3D graphic font on the Home Page is OK.

  powertool 21:21 10 Jul 2003

I think you have done an excellent job. My comments are pretty small style ones really.

I would stick to one font through-out - dont mix Times Roman with Arial.

The graphic text is a bit rough - you might get someone with a graphics programme to do you something a wee bit slicker. Because the product being promoted is design-related this is more important to get right.

  Damo. 05:28 11 Jul 2003

I think one thing your site has where a lot of other sites fail is the correct blend of information. It has some supurb examples of the companys restorations with before and after photographs and I thouroughly enjoyed reading it.

Well Done.


  Bill90210 18:22 16 Jul 2003

Really impressed with that! I love your buttons; i'm in the process of getting my own buttons but i end up with a hyperlink box around the button! Oh well, may just take me a while, but your site is fab!

  caskie 23:52 16 Jul 2003

Done a great job, think the other guys cover the main points, keeping a fluency to the font, size of the titles.

Everything functions as expected, which is so easy to miss checking a link or mailto: reference.

One thing i find very helpful, is when you are nearly finished get someone who knows nothing about web design to look at it and give their comments especially on layout, content and sizes of things, very useful.

well done

  wiz33 20:35 17 Jul 2003

I would also suggest that you use Frames or Tables to control all elements.

Good luck

  jakag 21:04 17 Jul 2003

I dont know if you looked into it all but it works in Opera which i use often for its speed and netscape, I do think the page should be narrower but the pictures are clear enough and do not take an age to load.
I would be interested how you put it all together as I have found that on the web site I do that it is easier to write it directly in html.
Microsoft appear to have built things into there browser that dont work in others like 'marque' (think that is how it is spelt) something I found anoying.


  TechMad 10:10 18 Jul 2003

Try going into image properties and changing the border to a '0' value to get rid of the hyperlink box. Otherwise just add 'border="0"' to the image in webpage source.

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