Your Motherboard Performance Experiences Please !

  Tinkey Winkey 19:53 24 Apr 2005

I was surprised to note that 2 nearly identicle PCs (apart from the motherboard) benchmarked differently in 3D mark 2001 SE by some 200 points.

I had asumed that all motherboards would benchmark at near enough the same scores when comparing them with the same spec component setup on each.

What socket A motherboards offer the best overall speed / games performance please ?

Aside from all the extra features can I assume that the more I spend the faster it will be aswell ?

Essentially I want to know if it's worth spending around £60 for an Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe or will a £20 PCChips M848ALU be just as quick ?

Note:From several reviews that I've read it seams that Dual Channel makes very little speed difference.

  Totally-braindead 20:10 24 Apr 2005

I can only presume if as you say the PCs are identical that it comes mainly down to chipset, having said that 200 points is not a huge difference and if you benchmark them using something else you will get a totally different result. Have a look here click here and you'll see what I mean. I would't buy a cheap motherboard.

  DieSse 20:55 24 Apr 2005

Yup - Toms does the best comparative tests in the business - almost no-one in general circulation will have been able to do comparative tests, if you think about it.

  DieSse 20:56 24 Apr 2005

PS - also agree that cheap motherboards are definately not the way to go.

  Tinkey Winkey 20:58 24 Apr 2005

What's so bad about cheap mobos please - have you had bad experiences ?

  slimbo51 20:59 24 Apr 2005

Abit...Can't be beaten in my opinion.

  Joe R 20:59 24 Apr 2005


agree with all that's been said, there are many good mobo's on offer from Abit, Asus, Gigabyte and MSI.

Buying a cheap mobo, is only false economy.

  Joe R 21:02 24 Apr 2005

Meant to add, I once built a system using a pc chips mobo with built in ram. It was sent back three times with different faults, (ram, chipset & faulty usb).

Needless to say the person who was trying to cut corners eventually, went for a better board.

  Pooke100 21:11 24 Apr 2005

You only get what you pay for!

Totally-braindead is correct with the performance info.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 21:31 24 Apr 2005

you will appreciate I'm not biased - but dual channel can make a big difference if that is the bottleneck in your system. If your processor isn't particlarly fast you may not notice the difference. If it is ..well.. you will.

  Number 7 21:38 24 Apr 2005

Think of it like this- what does everthing else plug into?

A cheap motherboard will, by and large, slow everything else down.

I think that if you buy a good motherboard and select a CPU and RAM one step below the maximum the motherboard will support, it leads to a stable system- in my experiance it does anyway.

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