Your IP does not match your phone number?

  pixie100 10:26 14 May 2007

Hi there
Hi there I have had on going problem for seven months of bad speed with BT and finally a" lift and shift" was done on the exchange after escalation of complaint and two engineer vists and whoopie from average of 400kps over the last severn months now getting 6 Meg, but after 18:00 seeing a drop off to 500kps and try to use bt speedtester and put in my phne number and get the following:-

The IP address discovered on the network associated with your telephone number:xxxxxxxxxxx, did not match the one we have logged from this browser/connection. Please check your telephone number and try again. If problem persists please contact your CP

I ring bt broadband chairmans complaints and get "bt wholesale wont give us an answer as to why you get this message."
Now I know i am being probably throttled but i was hoping to use the results from the test to prove it but I am being prevented from doing so. Also bt broadband also say i should not get this message as i should not have a static ISP.
Any thoughts gratefully recieved.
I am on bt option 1 and have been told there are no issues regarding over use ie exceeding my 5gb monthly allowance and also told that there is no congestion/contention issue at the exchange which i have also checked myself with various exchange checkers.
I am also unable to load the click here site in either IE7 or Firefox untill i change my router(voyager 220v) login to [email protected]_domain then i get the above message. I need to use this site/tester as it is the only one BT Wholesale will recognise to prove my speed issues.
My router stats are:
Statistics Downstream Upstream
Line Rate 7360 Kbps 448 Kbps
Noise Margin 12.2 dB 20.0 dB
Line Attenuation 36.0 dB 18.5 dB
Output Power 19.8 dBm 11.8 dBm

  Snec 11:10 14 May 2007

It doesn't work for me either.
I get this error report:

Unexpected result received when querying the network to find your services connection details. Please try again shortly, but if this problem persists raise the issue with your service provider.

Other speed testers work OK so it's not much good by the looks of it.

  pixie100 11:37 14 May 2007

hi snec
i get that message only if i put a wrong number in the speedtester site.The message i get is specific with my number in it saying my IP does not match and this should not be possible since i'm on a dynamic IP

  silverous 11:38 14 May 2007

Are you using any kind of "proxy" (in your IE settings) ?

(Tools, Internet Options, Connections, Lan Settings)

That would potentially appear to alter your IP address from what it really is.

  pixie100 11:47 14 May 2007

No, proxy setting is unchecked?

  pixie100 11:48 14 May 2007

Plus bt tech guys have been given remote access to my pc through gateway and say all setting are good and have checked my IP in my router and all ok

  pixie100 11:49 14 May 2007

I can only think that bt wholesale's datatbase is at fault

  Dipso 13:59 14 May 2007

Have you ever been able to access the BT Speedtester? I know several people who are having problems with it at the moment but not the same one as you. I had trouble accessing it myself a few months back despite others gettng results, it was like this for 2 weeks then it started to work for me again.

You are in a difficult position as I know they will only accept their own speedtester rsults for fault diagnostics.

The only other thing I can add is you're not on your own with this denied throttling in the evening.

  silverous 14:14 14 May 2007

If I remember correctly BT's version of your "IP" address is your home number. Not sure where I recall that from, I just seem to remember they consider your phone line to be your IP address.

  pixie100 18:01 14 May 2007

Ni Dipso
No never been able to access via my normal voyager 220v user login with either IE7 or Firefox both saying unable to connect.Only able to access site via [email protected]_domain router login and then when i put my phone number in I get the message.

The IP address discovered on the network associated with your telephone number:xxxxxxxxxxx, did not match the one we have logged from this browser/connection. Please check your telephone number and try again. If problem persists please contact your CP

As far as IP is concerned as i'm on dynamic IP it is my understanding that it could be anyone of a couple of hundred allocated to my number.This is why I beleive the database at BT wholesale is at fault. I am wondering if it is possible that the rambos is assessing an IP allocated to my number but is in actuality someone elses and I am being throttled for their overuse.Cant think of any other explanation

  pixie100 18:10 14 May 2007

Hi Silverous
I have been told by BT Broadband that i could have any of a couple of hundred IP allocated to my phone number as I'm on a dynamic IP.That is why they dont understand that message.They asked BT Wholesale to answer it four weeks ago and have kept asking every two days but all they(BT Wholesale) say is they are investigating it and they dont know why i am getting it. Unbelieveable that they cannot explain a message given to a customer from THEIR site!!! Particularly as the message quite clearly states "contact your isp if problem persists!!Laughable.

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