Your Final Thoughts before I go Live

  wiz33 08:48 09 Nov 2003

I have asked your views twice before but now I think I have finished my web site and I am ready to go live.

I would much appreciate your comments and technical expertise about my site. Please do not hesitate to be brutal about it, as in the past it helped me to correct a lot of silly mistakes.

My site is: click here

Thanks in advance

  Forum Editor 09:29 09 Nov 2003

I would undoubtedly book with your company. Your site reflects the enormous amount of hard work that you've invested, and I can see how much it's improved since we first saw it. Congratulations on a very professional site, I hope it brings in lots of business.

Having said that, I feel churlish in making a design point, but I feel I know you well enough by now to know that you won't be offended.

When reading the page text I was conscious of a certain amount of tension. This is very common, and it's the result of having to read long lines of text on the screen. If I were to advise you as a client I would suggest breaking the text into short columns or/and box-outs, such as you commonly see in magazines and newspapers. This technique relaxes a reader, and enables him/her to stray away from the content - perhaps to rest, or pause for thought, and then quickly relocate his/her position on the page - the layout provides visual aids to location. Your site necessarily contains a good deal of text, and you might give thought to breaking it into more easily digestible chunks.

Please don't get me wrong - it's fine as it is, and I appreciate that to change it now would probably not be an option - you have your peak booking season on your heels - but maybe later on you might experiment a little. I'll be happy to offer some more detailed advice at that time if you think it might help.

Good luck with the site - you thoroughly deserve it, you have created something to be proud of.

  harristweed 10:44 09 Nov 2003

Excellent work.

One small improvement, I would suggest - get rid of jacks script - write your own!

  wiz33 12:39 09 Nov 2003

Editor: Thank you very much for your comments and I do understand your comments about a lot of text. What I have done is to follow our Brochure design and make sure all the necessary by law information is there. The next step now is to go to e-commerce for LIVE reservation but for that I will need the expertise of my computer boffin to write the necessary interface......which he promised to be ready by Xmas....(I beleive it when I see it! Once that happen then I hope to have a 24/7 open office hours....making bookings.) Let's hope 2004 is better than last summer.

By the way FE if you can spare the time do write to me with your suggestions how to break the tension of the long text. I maybe able on my free time to implement it slowly. Thank you.

Harristweed, sorry but I do not understand which Jacks script you mean. Can you explain better...
Remember I am not a boffin...just a simple tour operator, with small budget trying to compete with big boys!

Thanks both of you for your time anyway.

  slowhand_1000 19:11 09 Nov 2003

Really well done, congratulations.

  harristweed 09:36 11 Nov 2003

The script receives the form submission, If all of the fields are not completed, it gives a message:

The form was not submitted for the following reasons:

Missing: title
Missing: First_name
Missing: Last_name
Missing: tel-day
Missing: tel-evening
Missing: from

Please use your browser's back button to return to the form and try again.

This form is powered by Jack's Formmail.php 4.1b!


I think this is slightly letting your site down. Not as professional as the rest of your excellent site! Your host supports PHP. It is quite simple to write a script to do the same job. Not use the back button! allow the client to edit their answers if necessary. Also send an automated thank you response to the client.

As an example, here is a simple PHP form I've written, try it. It you think it is better than "Jack's Formmail" let me know and I'll send you the code!

  harristweed 09:38 11 Nov 2003

forgot the URL

click here

  wiz33 10:31 11 Nov 2003

Thanks for the explanation about Jack's script.

BTW I just sent you an e-mail testing the form so please do not take any notice despite the info is correct.

Yes I liked the way you handle the missing fields and I hope you can sent me the code.

What it would be nice is to use the trick they use in many sites that HIGHLIGHTS IN RED all the missing fields and asks to be corrected.

I also liked a lot the way you summarise the answers before submitting and I will try to use it when I receive the code.

Meanwhile if you try my forms, as it is at the moment, you do receive a THANK YOU....try it.

Thank you for the offer as I am not a software programmer.

your site is also excellent....enjoy it looking around.


  tomleady 10:55 11 Nov 2003

i like the way many sites do the links the way you have done yours (the table rows are actually links aswell). have looked at your code, but cant figure it out.

how is it done?

oh by the way, your site is quality. I think the text looks fine, becuase there is clearly a need to get the info across, and to me, it doesnt seem to much at all.

well done!

  harristweed 12:06 11 Nov 2003

I don't get the emails from that site!

Please let me have your email address.

You can use the envelope icon to send from here!

  anchor 13:51 11 Nov 2003

The only criticism I would offer is that some of the pages work well on my 800x 600 screen, whereas other need to be scrolled across.

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