Your Experience of NTL Broadband Please

  woodchip 13:52 23 Mar 2005

Just got an offer for Uncapped, high speed 512k BB

Unlimited UK landline calls at any time

International Call Plan included

free logitech Webcam

free set-up pack worth £80

What else would I need as computer is about 80ft from internal telephone socket.

The above is £24.99 per month

  woodchip 14:07 23 Mar 2005

No this works from the BT line, as I am on NTL/BT dial-up now 24/7 for £15 month that is free for internet and the £15 is to spend on calls. they made a point of saying that it works with the BT line

  Technotiger 14:33 23 Mar 2005

click here


  spargo 14:50 23 Mar 2005

I have been with NTL via BT line for about 3 years on the same contract as you until I went BB with them some 4 months ago. 512 with £15 worth of free phone calls included for £24.99. I have had little or no problems with them.

As for the position of your phone socket, you can use an ordinary extension lead, just make sure you put the filter in the right place ie where your actual phone is plugged in.

Go for it!

  woodchip 15:00 23 Mar 2005

Will the BB work on the normal Telephone extension cable. as above my computer is about 80ft from the BT box just inside front door. Or would I need a different cable. I have phones connected to the above socket and also a extension cable running from socket where computer is down to another phone down stairs to another 24ft or so away. And still get a 4.6kb download to my Dial-Up modem. So one phone must be in the region of 100ft or more away from internal BT box

  spargo 15:23 23 Mar 2005

It will work as long as you have a filter on each phone.

  woodchip 18:30 23 Mar 2005


  woodchip 18:52 23 Mar 2005

Do you think the above is a good deal

  woodchip 19:41 23 Mar 2005

It just seems like Flogging a dead horse, when I ask a question

  TommyRed 20:01 23 Mar 2005

I'm about 40' from the BT socket in a cave upstairs a normal telephone ext. cable wouldn't work so had to splash out on a proper broadband ext. lead can't remember what it was called. I'm with PlusNet and got their easystart package which includes the modem and connection for £24.99 a month, so yours sounds a good deal. I'm going to upgrade at the end of the month, contracts up, from 512Kbs to 2Mb for £14.99 a month plus a one off £30 charge. There is a cap of 2Gb which I'll never get near. Have a look at their site click here and then compare ISP's at click here HTH TR

  woodchip 20:22 23 Mar 2005

Thank's for the answer, I thought I was on my own. So I think I may be going for this as it will only cost me a tenner more than I am paying to them for Dial-Up, and the £15 I already pay goes for phone calls, but with the above there are no charges for National calls and no limit to downloads at 512k. Includes all setup gear plus the free webcam

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