Is your CPU safe?

  Chegs ® 21:47 01 Aug 2004

I was meandering thru my BIOS today(looking to see if there was any way to set RAS/CAS,etc)and was quite surprised to see a heading...

Shutdown Temperature of CPU 110°C

This is about as much use as an NTFS partition in 98se!

AMD CPU's die at 95°C,so whats the point of shutting the computer down AFTER the CPU has melted.The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-7VAXP,it's designed to take an AMD CPU so why equip it with a setup option such as this?

Anyone else got a similar thing in their BIOS,and does it have a realistic temperature for the type of CPU?

  goonerbill © ® 22:01 01 Aug 2004

most good mobo's have a feature similar to yours (have asus A7N8X-E Deluxe formally a gigabyte GA-7VAX) and you can set the close down temperature to your own setting.

  CurlyWhirly 22:06 01 Aug 2004

Chegs ®

Yes I have exactly the SAME motherboard and yes you are right it seems ridiculous to have the shutdown temperature HIGHER than the MAXIMUM that the CPU can take!
My CPU is an AMD Athlon XP 3000+ and I think I am right in saying that the maximum it can take is only 85C?
What I have done in the BIOS is make sure that the 'system fan fail warning' is enabled.
This means that if you heard the warning noise than at least you would know that something was wrong and you could proceed to shut down the PC.
The only downside is if you left your PC on and went out somewhere and you weren't there to hear the warning the chances are that when you got back your CPU would just be a pile of melted silicon!
The one thing I do like with the Gigabyte motherboard I have is the Dual BIOS feature pity the CPU shutdown feature wasn't as good!

  CurlyWhirly 22:09 01 Aug 2004

Goonerbill © ®

I don't think on my particular motherboard that you can change the CPU shutdown temperature?
Perhaps Chegs or somebody else with the same motherboard will verify?

  CurlyWhirly 22:12 01 Aug 2004

By the way I forgot to mention that some time ago I installed a fan in one of my PC side panels that blows cool air over my Northbridge, CPU and graphics card so even if the CPU fan failed I think I may be okay for a short time assuming that both the CPU fan AND the side panel don't fail at the SAME TIME!

  Chegs ® 22:13 01 Aug 2004

"Dual BIOS feature"

I killed a K7VZA misflashing its BIOS(xmas day no less!)I found out about a BIOS Savior,repaired the misflash and its still going today(even tho' I have messed about with ALL the different BIOS's for that board)

When I heard about these dual BIOS boards,I thought "what a great idea!" but since I bought this "Savior" I'm rather lethargic about it now... :-)

  Chegs ® 22:15 01 Aug 2004

And NO,the setting cannot be changed.

  norman47 22:25 01 Aug 2004

Asus board here, A7N8X-X and the shutdown temperature is quite high 85c in the bios. Luckily it comes with asus probe, a windows monitoring tool that overrides the bios. Shutdown is programmed at 55c on the cpu core. It does beep at me in hot weather, like morse code on some hot days, but the max it's been at is only 50c.

Thank goodness I built it without installing a floppy drive, the thought of flashing the bios gives me the creeps.:-))

  Chegs ® 22:25 01 Aug 2004

Once the systems up and running with windows,there is a utility on the mobo CD called "@BIOS" that negates the need to flash the BIOS,as you just launch the app,it connects,d/l,installs any updated BIOS's removing the need for user input(other than mouse clicks)

Its mostly just gimmicktry with no logical uses,other than to fool the buyer.

  CurlyWhirly 22:42 01 Aug 2004

Chegs ®

PS And NO,the setting cannot be changed

I thought as much!
So this 110C setting is absolutely useless as by the time it 'kicks in' your CPU would be fried anyway!
Good one Gigabyte!

  CurlyWhirly 22:49 01 Aug 2004

Chegs ®

Well you may lethargic about the Dual BIOS feature but it has saved my bacon as when I bought my motherboard it wouldn't recognise the AMD Athlon XP 3000+ so I had no option but to update it from version F10 to version F11.
The first attempt failed as I had a 'bad checksum error' on the boot up screen but the backup BIOS automatically took over.

I then copied the working backup BIOS data on to the corrupt main BIOS chip and attempted to flash again and it worked a treat!
I would certainly consider a dual BIOS motherboard in the future!

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