Your computer is running very low on available ...

  playmofire 21:19 01 Feb 2005

I've been using a friend's computer recently, and the message "Your computer is running very low on available system resources. Please close some of the other open applications or restart your computer before proceeding" comes up with AOL 9.0 with one window open and Photoshop 7 running with one image open. If I try to open a new window in AOL, the message at the start of this note comes up. Closing Photoshop solves the problem. Windows 98SE is run on it. It has an 80gb disk of which about 38% is free and 1gb ram. Anyone able to help, please?

  the-george 21:59 01 Feb 2005

Do not think that this is anything to do with the hard drive. More likely to be System resources - see here for brief explanation
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To check the level or resources you can activate the resource meter through Start/programs/accessories/system tools
This places the reource meter in the system tray. If the meter is not there then it can be quickly installed from the W98 Cd through control Panel/ add software/windows setup/system tools select details then select resource meter and ok to install.
To get a better idea of the exact level of resources in use, right click on the resource meter icon and choose Details from the menu. This will be displayed in %. The lower they get the more likely you are to have problems - say below 40%.
If you start the meter up when you first start the pc you will be able to see the level at which you start off. If this is already low then you may have too many start up items. I have an older PC with W98 and a bare minimum of start up items and it starts with all resources at 95%.
Some programs hog resources and do not release them when shut down. There are progs available to sort out this sort of problem but off hand cannot remember names.
Hope this is of some help.

  dan11 22:00 01 Feb 2005

I think you have to much ram.:-(

Windows 98se only likes 512Mb of ram. There is a tweak to take this to 768Mb but that does not do alot. If you have 2 X 512 Mb modules of ram, then try it with just the 1 X 512 stick. using more than 512Mb can seriously deteriorate the computers performance.

The other thing worth setting is a fixed virtual memory setting. For a 98 system with 512Mb of ram, you could have a paging file of 1.5 gig of virtual memory. It would be even better if this could be put on a partition other than C, if you have one.

  dan11 22:10 01 Feb 2005

Worth reading. click here

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