"Your computer has multiple security problems"

  six-h 14:49 21 Jul 2010

Just had that message pop up from the Sys tray.
Eminating from the familiar "Red Shield" that appears there.

Clicking on the shield, as invited to by the message, brought up my security centre window, where all was as per usual!
Just a yellow warning against the "Windows update" option that's set by me to notify, not download & install.

In order to verify that this was infact MY security centre window, I opened it again from the "programmes" menu, and it was just the same.

I am aware of the "scare ware" scams, but those usually pop up in the browser window, they don't appear in the sys tray.....do they?

  keef66 15:06 21 Jul 2010

I saw that briefly on my son's laptop last night. Nothing amiss when I checked. ???

  six-h 15:12 21 Jul 2010

Glad I'm not alone keef66, my problems are usually totally unique! lol
I'm pretty sure it's not a scam, I'd just like to know what "security centre" was upset about!

  woodchip 15:51 21 Jul 2010

Check to see if there are any Updates

  woodchip 16:06 21 Jul 2010

Just downloaded a Security Update for XP home

  six-h 16:09 21 Jul 2010

woodychip, Thought you might be on to something there but there were none:-(

  six-h 16:12 21 Jul 2010

oops, sorry 'bout the extra "y" !
This machine's Vista so there's nothing.
I suppose it'll be "Patch Tuesday" when the next lot comes and that's three weeks off.

  woodchip 16:15 21 Jul 2010

set it to manual it should not the put up the error. you can run it from start list when you want

  six-h 16:19 21 Jul 2010

Yeah, maybe manual is the way to go!

  cocteau48 16:21 21 Jul 2010

I get this quite often on my Vista laptop.

I reckon it is only because I,like six-h,have my update settings only to notify and not automatically download and install.... nothing more sinister than that.

I also have UAC turned off in full mode (it only operates in quiet mode which suppresses the constant administrator prompts) which also produces a red warning in the security centre.

  six-h 16:41 21 Jul 2010

cocteau48, exactly how I've got mine set :-) but this is the first time in two years that I've had that happen.
Just pleased to know it's not unusual!

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