your browser dosnt support java

  ian-inhome 21:38 10 Mar 2003

Since installing IE6 SP1 on certain web pages I dont get a picture only a red cross.
on other sites such as the coop bank I get the message your browser dosnt support java.
everthing used to work ok any ideas please
windows xp tiscali broadband

  Ironman556 21:41 10 Mar 2003

If you have it, try putting the installation cd for IE6 SP1 in, and go to the custom install. Go through the options and check that the java packages are checked then click through to finish the installation.

  rct 21:44 10 Mar 2003

Get the sun java plugin.... better than M$ own java virtual machine, they have been forced to include it now haha! click here and follow the on-screen instructions ;-)

  ian-inhome 22:24 10 Mar 2003

Thanks ironman but if I try to access the cd again it just comes up with this is allready installed and will not allow me to go any further.
Thanks Rct I have tried that and it now allows me to see the pictures but i still cant access other things like the coop bank site

  rct 22:36 10 Mar 2003

try deleting all temporary files and cookies:

Control Panel> Internet Options then: Delete Files (tick the box too) and Delete Cookies

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