Your Aldi computer Specs

  toni b 15:41 21 Nov 2003

After reading a few postings regarding the computer being sold at Aldi for christmas here is your specs click here

  TBH1 16:08 21 Nov 2003

This a vicious rumour - - - Aldi are NOT selling these next Thursday at all - - -they are all SOLD OUT so its no use queuing up for them, honest injun !!!

  Stuartli 16:37 21 Nov 2003

There are several other quite interesting computer related offerings though, such as a 15in TFT for £169.99, a powered USB hub for £9.99, wireless keyboard with mouse, graphics tablet with mouse and inkjet refills.

  rev.bem 16:45 21 Nov 2003

TBH1,news at ten, in a tent with a laptop and a moby,outside a well known but unspecified supermarket.


  GroupFC 16:52 21 Nov 2003


  Retired at last 18:03 22 Nov 2003

Does anyone know if there is space for a second hard drive?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:12 22 Nov 2003

Ye Gods! /me faints....... It has 160Gb of HD installed ;-))))) IIRC there is a spare bay but you can always buy an external USB HD...£235 for a Maxtor 300Gb.

Just to pout the mockers on this, I think that they have all been sold...anyone confirm this?


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