'your AGP is not enabled'- how do I enable it ?

  dagbladet 11:38 11 Dec 2003

Win 98.
After a reformat everything seems OK. However AIDA shows a problem which reads; 'your AGP is not enabled this may result in performance penalty'. I've looked every where but can't find where to enable it.

  dagbladet 12:41 11 Dec 2003

thanks all, trying that now.

  dagbladet 12:22 13 Dec 2003

I've looked every where in the bios and can't find anything that is close to AGP enable/disable, any other thoughts ?

  dagbladet 13:14 14 Dec 2003

Thanks Gongoozler, i'm at my brothers for the weekend. I'll be back at my machine tomorrow night and i'll run aida to get that info.

  Rayuk 15:44 14 Dec 2003

Sometimes in the bios there is a setting for vga pci/agp just set it to agp,although it checks the pci if no card it goes onto the agp[a very short time in doing so]

If your agp is not enabled and you have an agp card how is it you can see anything on your monitor at all?.

  powerless 20:41 15 Dec 2003

Click Start, Run, Type:


Click OK.

Display, Anything Disabled?

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