you want Faster Browsing ? try this

  SafeHaven 23:58 05 Feb 2003

Hi all I guess reading posts we all talk about problems we have,well I am sick of Exploer and the constant problems. I have downloaded other browsers but still the same problems SLOW or freeze. But last week i downloaded OPERA and it's really go i am verry impressed with it. It shows you seppd the page is loading and what cookies its pulling in aswell. Easy to use and Free or you can buy to get rid of Banner. Give it a try click here

  Switcher 00:38 06 Feb 2003

Have heard about this before but apathy as usual ruled. However have now downloaded and in process of trying out - so far seems good.

  bigdamouk 00:46 06 Feb 2003

its an excellent browser..ive used it for months and have just downloaded the Beta 7 version.....excellent!

  BeeWee 08:54 06 Feb 2003

can you import your "favourite" list from IE?

  €dstow 08:57 06 Feb 2003


I've been using Opera for several months and find it excellent. Not my default browser but the one I use more than IE or Netscape.


  MichelleC 08:59 06 Feb 2003

I use Opera sometimes and the only thing is i have to remember to double-click on items in favorites instead of single-click.

  MAJ 09:04 06 Feb 2003

Yes it's a good browser, I've been using it along with IE, Mozilla and Netscape for a while. Your IE favourites will also be listed in Opera.

  John-257781 17:44 06 Feb 2003

I reently deleted Opera6 because of problems.
I agree it is speedy but now have Smart Explorer available from Smarteque and it is brilliant.
Just as rapid as Opera but without hassles.

  Offline 18:23 06 Feb 2003

You can import at will your favorites from either Netscape or IE.

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