You tube locking up my broadband.

  maa970f 21:53 22 Jul 2013

I can watch many You tube videos but occasionally the video stops and then I cannot open another web page nor download E-Mail. Re booting my P.C. returns everything to normal? I tried just shutting down those programmes but that does not cure the problem I am on XP, Firefox and Outlook Express and BT Infinity broadband.


  rdave13 22:32 22 Jul 2013

How old is the PC? It might be that the CPU needs a lot of time running YouTube when your security program is updating and installing. It might seem to be doing nothing at the time but leave it for half an hour or so to see if back to normal. Under powered possiby.

  maa970f 09:05 23 Jul 2013

Hello rdave13,

certainly not a new model or particularly high specification, but this is a random occurrence and only happens with You Tube. Other video clips I watch do not do it? I will try leaving it for a while and see what happens?


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