You only need to format it..

  Simsy 13:52 26 Dec 2003

it you are going to use InCD to "Drag and Drop" to the disc.

InCD is a sister prog to Nero, it is not part of Nero itself.

If you have InCD installed it normally runs on bootup and you should have an icon in the system tray...

Right click this icon and you get an option to format the disc.

Note that I am running Win 98. I know that WinXP has it's own, built in, system to "dragndrop" to CD and I am not sure if you have to format for that.

Note also that it can take a while to format the disc. It depends on your pc speed and CDrewriter speed. My 1.1 gig takes about 15-20 mins... but you can do other things at the same time quite happily.

I hope this helps,



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