You need to, If you do not get disc's with new Com

  woodchip 22:41 21 Jan 2004

After watching the forum for some time, I have noted how many new Computers do not Have any Disc's.

You need to get Drive Image IMMEDIATELY and create a Backup Image of the Drive so that you have got a fall back if anything goes wrong. This needs doing as soon as you can possibly do it, while the computer is functioning OK.......................!!!!

  User-312386 22:43 21 Jan 2004

agreed but you will also have to ensure that you have 2 HDD's installed so the backup can be safely recovered from the recovery envoiroment

If you dont have to images and the system goes completely wrong then it would be pointless having Drive image

  User-312386 22:44 21 Jan 2004

meant to say in the last paragragh

If you dont have 2 hard drives and the system goes completely wrong then it would be pointless having Drive image

  holly polly 22:47 21 Jan 2004

excellent advice but then again if i was spending a considerable amount of money on a new comp ,i would demand the back up disks ,after all you have paid for them ,haven't you?-hol pol...

  VoG II 22:48 21 Jan 2004

My personal opinion is never buy a system that does not, at the least, come with a recovery disk.

We recently bought a laptop for my daughter (I advised, wife paid!). It was a bargain but my first question was about the recovery software. This is very much her machine but if it goes up the spout "Daddy" will be called-in and without a recovery disk.....

  woodchip 22:48 21 Jan 2004

New Drive Image Can write to CDR And work from Floppy disc

  User-312386 22:56 21 Jan 2004

yes i know i have it but the only problem there is that my backup at the moment is 5.1gb is size and would not fit on a 1 cd-r, maybe 8 or 9

  Big Elf 22:58 21 Jan 2004

This might help for the people that have the i386 folder in the Windows directory click here

Someone has also posted in a thread how to do this with Roxio Easy CD creator but I can't find it.

  woodchip 23:08 21 Jan 2004

It's still cheaper and less hassle than having to buy New OS disc and all the software. Cost of disc's about £2

  gudgulf 23:27 21 Jan 2004

Wot people want is the cheapest possible solution------Its only when things go wrong that they realise that not only a full set of original system discs but a good working knowlege of how to use them would be a bit useful!!!
Major manufacturers seem to be increasingly short changing buyers in that respect-- Perhaps a government initiative to encourage prospective computer buyers to register with this forum for a minimum of three weeks prior to buying would
be step in the right direction :))))

  powerless 23:57 21 Jan 2004

In the interests of fair play Woodchip, there are also other "Imaging" software out there ;-))

Acronis True Image 7.0
click here

Ghost click here

Hard drives are inexpensive and you do not really need masses on masses of GB for the image. HDD are most convienient as you dont have to open anything, like you would with your CD draw ;-)) Muliple CD's or one Expensive DVD...

Each to there own!!

Persoanlly a Second hard disk ;-)

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