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  tbh72 15:02 08 Oct 2003

Many years ago I subscribed to claranet, they provided a service which I was very happy with. The had something called a search page, I have never seen such a page since they removed it.

Here's my feeble effort click here which I hope you find useful. I would be greatful of any feedback as to wether this would be a feasable page to host.

If it prooves to be of interest I will seek the correct authorisation for use of images etc and will also look at including randomly appearing links to members websites here.


  tbh72 16:47 08 Oct 2003

BUMP - For some useability feedback!!!

  jordi2 17:16 08 Oct 2003

To provide links to altavista, google and yahoo is quite useless. I would say that 90% or more of people surfing the net already know about it

  rawprawn 17:17 08 Oct 2003

I think you have had a good try, but I think most of us might have those links in our favourites menu. Well done for trying.Have you looked at Copernic Agent at click here it's quite good & it's free.

  tbh72 17:29 08 Oct 2003

These are tools which I use almost daily, if not some of them many times a day. Until today, they all resided in my favourites folder now there's just one link to all of the resources.

Copernic look's interesting, I will investigate further.


  Djohn 17:37 08 Oct 2003

Thanks for the info. Tony, gone into my "Favs." Also rawprawn's link to Copernic is a good one. Copernic uses many search engines at the same time to provide results. j.

  tbh72 18:09 08 Oct 2003

Thank's for that Djohn, if it has to be removed I will inform you. Still looking for feedback, may'be you have a website which you would like listed in this example?

  bvw in bristol 19:45 08 Oct 2003

I like it, thanks tbh72.

  tbh72 21:44 08 Oct 2003

Anymore for Anymore!!!

  VoG II 21:48 08 Oct 2003

Please do not take this as a criticism, tbh72, but it is not for me. I have virtually all of these on my Links toolbar or in Favorites.

We have something very similar at work on our intranet - I do not use it.

  sgtdibble 22:30 08 Oct 2003

I must agree with VoG its just as easy to click on favourites or toolbar not for me either-sorry

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