You know you have a problem when.........

  Jollyjohn 15:20 20 Apr 2018

the senior Apple support guy goes "That's interesting, haven't seen that before!"

New iMac, about 14 months old, run out of disc space on the 1TB hard drive. I couldn't understand why as I knew the users didn't have a huge amount of data.

Booted from an external hard drive and ran omnidiskeeper - this showed under username - library - containers - mail - a log file of 888GB, yes 888GB for a log file. Tried deleting this file but it didn't delete. Moved some stuff and got 89GB available free space but iMac still wouldn't boot. Going back tomorrow to repair / reinstall OS having manually copied all user data.

Will post back results / further info about the creation of the log file when I get it.

  Jollyjohn 17:22 22 Apr 2018

Having double checked I had copied everything off the hard drive, we tried a re install of the OS - it failed. It rebooted, as part of the process, progress bar got to 90% but stopped, for more than 2 hours.

Going back tomorrow to Erase the drive and start again.

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