You have exceeded your connection limit

  synthasy 15:50 27 Nov 2003


Im an on a 512k broadband connection with NTL.
I have bben getting a problem lately when hitting refesh a few times on some web pages.
All images fail to show on a page and i get this error message on ssi calls sections "You have exceeded your connection limit" sometimes the page will just show that message and display nothing else.

Anyone have any ideas what this is?



  johnnyrocker 15:54 27 Nov 2003

suggest you ask ntl as they are prob at the root of it.


  beeuuem 16:27 27 Nov 2003

Have you been D/L large files?
NTL have a bandwidth limit - one gigabyte per day.

This applies to download bandwidth only.

  synthasy 16:34 27 Nov 2003

No i have not downloaded any large files and never get anywhere near the 1gb daily limit.

I can duplicate the problem on most pages... simply go to a page and hit refresh a few times fairly quickly and i get the message.

If anyone is on NTL broadband go here: click here and hit refresh a few times. I would be interested to see if you can duplicate the problem.

  Mr_Nice_Guy 16:57 27 Nov 2003

did happen to me once on the pc advisor website, but it never happened again. tried your link and hit refresh about 10 times, it was normal. im on 150k though.

  philwane 18:07 27 Nov 2003

tried your link Im on 512k refreshed 20 times exactly No Problems?

  synthasy 18:18 27 Nov 2003

Thanks everyone for the help.

I think i may have other problems with my PC which may be causing havoc, so the connection limit problem looks like it's confined to my pc - which is a good thing really :)

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