"You are not currently connected to NET Messenger

  ianeon 16:04 02 Aug 2009

I run Windows XP Pro and Windows Live Mail, I switched my computer on this morning and discovered that Windows Live Messenger wasn't working - I couldn't logon !
I have narrowed the problem down to "You are not currently connected to NET Messenger Service".
I Googled the problem and have spent the last two hours trying to solve the problem using the Googled solutions to no avail.
Using a website called MEEBO I can still access Messenger.
Can anyone help me please.
Thank you.

  MAT ALAN 16:17 02 Aug 2009

click here

sorry if you have trid this...

  ianeon 16:51 02 Aug 2009

Mat - Thank you - I tried your suggestion but it didn't work

  MAT ALAN 16:52 02 Aug 2009

Have you tried uninstall/reinstalling the prog...

  ianeon 16:59 02 Aug 2009

Mat - yes - I have spent the last 3 hours now trying to work this out and I have tried everything that Google can suggest - However I am still open to ANY suggestion - lol

  MAT ALAN 17:10 02 Aug 2009

Turn firewall off see if it makes any diference

  ianeon 05:51 03 Aug 2009

Turning the firewall off didn't make any difference.
What I can't understand about this problem - I switch my computer off, went to bed, the next morning when I switched it on again Messenger didn't work.

  howard64 12:54 03 Aug 2009

have you tried system restore to before the problem?

  ianeon 14:02 03 Aug 2009

I tried System Restore, but for some reason that made no difference.
However I am making progress of sorts !!
I have uninstalled "Windows Live" and installed Messenger 7 and this works perfectly.

Why this should be I have no idea - but I am now half content - lol

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