Yoggie. Any good at stand-alone PC security too?

  Themaestro023 18:59 29 Apr 2008

Does this 'new' Yoggie Gatekeeper (Gadget Show, 28th April, 2008) fair any better than the last? Can it really free up your processor like Norton promised to do? Throughout this year (2008) I have had Norton 2008 (bought sept'07) it has been fine, but is now coming to the time for them to release a new version (2009). When you first get Norton, it works quite quickly, but with all the new anti-virus defs coming out daily it takes a great big chunk out of my processing power and my broadland link.
Maybe, just maybe, Yoggie is the way forward. A seperate computer (in a USB stick) doing all that rubbish for us, instead. No slow-downs, no more waiting for your PC/Laptop to catch up! Is this the way to go?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:20 29 Apr 2008

Seems like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Just use the one of the free versions of AVG or Avast and you will have more than enough protection with little processor use. I've not seen a virus on any of the computers that I visit for 3 years now.


  Themaestro023 20:38 29 Apr 2008

Any anti-viral 'software' will use resources on a platform whether it be laptop or PC. Network also comes into play here because if you use an anti-viral software suite, it may not cover you all.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:57 29 Apr 2008

Nonsense. I deal with home computers and my computers are all home ones not on company networks. There is a huge load of paranoid rubbish written about Trojans/spyware/hacking and viruses. You will not get your CC details robbed off your home computer, dynamic IP addresses being one reason...they will be 'stolen' at a petrol station or restaurant. Viruses are as rare as hen's teeth if you have a free AV.

I use AVG free and no anti-spyware. Until recently I had not used a firewall for 5 years. It is only because I have a router now that there is an inbuilt one. If you give permission, albeit unknowingly, for a programme to run no amount of 'protection' will stop it.

Just use AVG free and any old spyware programme (spyware terminator seems OK) and some common sense, you will be fine. You may like to look at this thread re. spyware etc....click here

There is NEVER any need for home users to pay for protection and a little common sense is also free.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:59 29 Apr 2008

'Gandalf wrong, Any anti-viral 'software' will use resources on a platform whether it be laptop or PC'..if you read carefully I wrote that AVG and Avast use MINIMAL resources. Even a rubbish spec computer will cope with them and their usage will not trouble any computer.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:05 29 Apr 2008

In reply to your email, yu do not have to trust my recommendations but do a quick forum search for 'anti-virus/avg or avast and you will find hundreds of commendations...they cannot all be wrong or mistrusted whereas compnies selling AV products to home users aren't exactly misanthropic.


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