Yet another wireless network issue!

  DAVE1982 15:22 26 Jul 2008

Hi all,

I would appreciate any help/advice with the following.

I have a wireless network set up between a Desktop running XP snf and a laptop running Vista.

We had a power cut a couple of days ago which hasn't affected the connectivity to the internet on the desktop, however the laptop is a different story!

When the power camre back on my router turned its self back on - however I couldnt connect to the internet via my laptop - when I try to connect to the network all I can see is the following message:

The settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of the network.

I have tried restarting the laptop, turning off and back on the router to no avail, any pointers would be much appreciated.



  Ditch999 15:40 26 Jul 2008

Is the routers power supply surge protected?
You might need to go in to the web based set up and enter your wireless security details again.
Try switching off the laptop, then the router.
Leave it for a couple of minutes then switch the router on.
Leave it another couple of minutes and switch the laptop on.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:00 26 Jul 2008

Sounds as if the router as reset to default settings after the power cut.

You probably need to reset key and router name in router or reset the key and router name to the defaults in the laptop.

  woodchip 16:20 26 Jul 2008

Don't think Router as reset as the desktop would not connect. Looks like you need to get the Encryption key and SSID from Router Settings and put them into the Laptop Networking Settings

  woodchip 16:22 26 Jul 2008

Either that or the router as reset the Wireless settings to Basic setup. i.e no encryption and Laptop as still got encryption still loaded

  DAVE1982 16:24 26 Jul 2008

Ditch999 - Thanks for your comments - yes the power supply is surge protected.

I tried disconnecting the router and laptop as described but am still experienceing the same issue.

I am unsure how I go about resetting my security settings, could you please give me some instructions so I can try that?

Fruit Bat - Again I am unsure how to do what you suggest therefore please provide further instruction if you can.



  DAVE1982 16:28 26 Jul 2008

Woodchip - As per previous post i'm not great with networks etc so some further instruction would be welcome.



  woodchip 16:32 26 Jul 2008

Can you get into the router settings? or did someone else put your ISP and user info into the Router settings?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:34 26 Jul 2008

How is desktop connected to router? wireless or cable?

If wireless and still working ok the copy all the wireless settings to the laptop.

Start - settings - network connections - right click the wireless network - select properties - wireless networks tab - click your network - properties button

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:38 26 Jul 2008

click here
will reveal your key.

  DAVE1982 16:56 26 Jul 2008

Woodchip - Where do I need to look to get access to the router settings?

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