Yet another which tft screen to get question ?

  grabster 07:11 12 May 2005

Yep, its another one of those im afraid.the one im looking at is this
click here
im just after a semi-cheapish moniter to make a bit of room on my desktop.
It will be for general family use with lots of gaming so will the response time of 16ms be up to it ?

  jack 08:49 12 May 2005

This is my humble opinion for what it is worth- ie no help at all.

Such is the profusion of brands [ ie lables stuck identical devices]such us the turn over of stock , that in my humble opinion for any one to reccomend a particular item will as likely a not send you on a wild goose chase- as sellers move stock quickly.

Take alook at the ads -match your price and go for it- relying on sale of goods act etc for any come back- which these day is no too often as the manufacture of these things is now such that a'dud'one is rare -not impossible but rare.
I suspect the displays when made are graded and sold to assemblers at various price levels according to quality- so if you are looking for 'cheap' expect a lower quality of display compared with top of the pile.

  007robbo 09:46 12 May 2005

Aldi are doing a good deal, had mine a while with no probs and exellent res

  wx622 09:53 12 May 2005

You must decide what you really want the TFT for. When you say: "It will be for general family use with lots of gaming", this is an oxymoron. For 'Family use' you would mean a middle-range 25ms response 17" TFT. For 'Gaming' you would mean at least a 19" 8ms response TFT. Please can you give us a budget you wish to keep to, then we can make proper suggestions.

  grabster 12:55 12 May 2005


"Definition: A figure of speech combining incongrous or contradictory words, usually for descriptive purposes.

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Thats me over there in the corner with the pointy hat on.

Right then,i should explain that i am after a middle of the road moniter,ok for normal family use with a bit of vice city and half life thrown in,its not for hardcore gameing,my system boasts a lowly geforcefx5600 128mb so that rules out any serious fragging.
I read that 16ms is ample for what i want and i suppose i was after confirmation of that fact.
My budget is up to about £160 and if the above will do what i want it to do then im happy with that.

  Joe R 13:08 12 May 2005


the following link has a monitor which has a 12ms response time, which will make, games and videos that bit smoother.

Oh it is also on your budget.

click here

  Totally-braindead 13:29 12 May 2005

Have a look here click here I bought the Arianet 17" TFT for £129.19, I play a lot of games and its perfect for the money, no dead pixels either though maybe I was lucky, friend bought the Dell 17" TFT for £159.95 and he too is delighted. If you are worried about dead pixels they do a check for about £18 if you want to check it. Can't comment about the other TFTs but worth a look.

  steve 13:42 12 May 2005

I've recently bought an Acer 17" TFT from dabs for £150.00 - it has a 12mS response, nice bright screen AND has built in speakers!!

Very pleased with my purchase (model number was AL1715S)

  TomJerry 14:25 12 May 2005

£146.49 LG L1715S 17" TFT 16ms 450:1 Monitor - Charcoal & Grey (3 Years On Site Warranty)
click here

£159.98 Sony SDM-S73H 17" TFT 16ms 500:1 'Anti Glare' Monitor - Grey (3 Years On Site Warranty) click here

  wx622 14:35 12 May 2005

grabster: you should make yourself clearer in the first instance. (no offence)

The Acer is good, as is the Dell. I wouldn't go for the Arianet though, do not know if the warranty is any good or not.

For your suggested price I would go for:

BenQ FP767-12 17" TFT Monitor 12ms response (Black-Silver)


£175.69 incl. VAT

12ms, good viewing angle.

click here

  Stuartli 14:45 12 May 2005

I'm afraid that after watching a superb 32in Sony Wega for several hours earlier this week, a 17in seems somewhat inadequate...:-)

But I think I'm mostly with TomJerry here with the Sony probably tops.

Some of its blackscreen 17in TFT monitors have breathtaking picture quality - but you have to have the dosh....

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