Yet another printer problem......EPSON 880 Colour.

  [DELETED] 08:46 28 Jul 2003

Yesterday I tried to install new ink cartridges into my printer. ( EPSOM 880 Colour. ) When I powered off the printer the ink carriers stayed to the right when they are supposed to go to the left of the interior to allow access to the housings for the cartridges. The only way I found to get around this was to start to print something, then power off the printer whilst it was some way alomg the printing route. After changing the cartridges with new ones I resumed printing. The ink cartridge indicators now still show both empty and printing is erratic. The test printouts indicated that the heads needed to be cleaned, which I did OK, but when printing text the spacer lines are almost blending together. D I need to reinstall the software and install as a "new" printer?

  [DELETED] 13:20 28 Jul 2003

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I have been reading reviews about the 880, and a lot of people are finding, that after about six months the print heads get clogged, and the only way forward is to take it into an Epson dealer..

The price of printers now a days, maybe better off getting a new one?...

  [DELETED] 13:29 28 Jul 2003

Did you try pressing the flashing button to change the cartridges instead off turning the printer off?
If you need to reinstall the software I recommend uninstall it properly and reinstall it as a new device (reboot in between).
I use couple of those for about three years without any problem.

  [DELETED] 15:08 28 Jul 2003

Wrong. You can only change ink cartridges on an Epson printer when they run out. You will see a flashing button on the front of the printer. Boot your computer and switch your printer on. Now lift the lid of the printer and press and hold the flashing button for 3 seconds. The cartridges will move to the left hand side. Replace the empty cartridge and press the same button again, this will initialise the printer. If you have already put a new cartridge in and it is not recognised you will need to switch off the printer and then lift the lid and switch it back on again, and when it starts moving to the left take the mains plug out of the back of the printer and then physically move the ink cartridge holders to the left. Take the cartridge out and replace it and then plug the mains cable back in again. You may have to switch the printer off and then back on again.

  [DELETED] 15:33 28 Jul 2003

PJ 123....Thanks a million. Problem solved.
Will be awake all night now printing a backlog of work.!!!!!
Can't thank you enough. Geordielad.:-)))

  [DELETED] 15:43 28 Jul 2003

You're welcome.

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