Yet Another Forms Thread

  LoudandNoisy 23:16 04 Aug 2006

I did bother to read most of the previous threads but I don't quite see the solution to my problem.

I'm happy to use I've used it happily in the past. Are you really going to try to persuade me learn something else?

I've got a new URL hosted on Heart Internet's Free service. Configuring FormMail, I've set the $mailprog path according to Heart's Support Database FAQ information. I've created a directory for it and uploaded it, plus I've set the directory and file attributes to rwxr-xr-x. The Action= in my form points to it and I've set Method="Post".

When configuring the @referers and @recipients I was getting error messages from FormMail before I spotted my mistakes, so presumably I'm getting to access and execute FormMail OK!

Then, with that all sorted, I pressed submit again and got an Error 500 message:

Internal Server Error
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to
complete your request.
Please contact the server administrator, [email protected]"" and inform them
of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have
caused the error.
More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Can any Heart users advise me? Where is this "server error log"? When I click 'Log File Download' I just get another, similar, Error 500 page.

What am I doing wrong?


  cycoze 00:34 05 Aug 2006

make sure your ftp client is set to 'ASCII' mode and not on Binary or Auto to upload Formmail.

  LoudandNoisy 09:14 05 Aug 2006

I thought I'd done that before, but I've just deleted FormMail and uploaded it again, definitely in ASCII mode.

Same problem! Same Error 500 page!

Thanks for trying!

As Heart did not put a cgi-bin directory in my root directory in the first place, does this mean I can't execute CGI as a Free Hosting customer? As their Free Hosting does not include support, I can't ask them myself! And I don't feel like paying just to get the support, just to be told CGI is in fact part of the Free Hosting and it's a different problem.

Don't get me wrong. I think the rest of Heart is great and they give an excellent service.


  cycoze 11:56 05 Aug 2006

I had a look at the Heart site and according to click here they state "Massive CGI Script Gallery" which includes it`s own "form to email".

You just have to find where it is all kept, you should have an "extend online control panel" see click here , try the demo and click on the "CGI/PHP scripts" icon, you will see what is available to you along with instructions on how to use it also on how to install it.

Some Web Hosts do not install everything straight off leaving it for the webmaster to do themselves, in your case it looks like you will have to add something to create the cgi-bin and work from there.

can only assume as your formmail is probably setup to run from a cgi-directory and cant, this is probably where the problem lies.

hope that all makes sense, will look in later.

  cycoze 11:57 05 Aug 2006

meant to say after using the demo try and hook up to your own "extend" and have a go from there.

  ade.h 12:16 05 Aug 2006

Are you sure you don't want to use PHP instead?

  harristweed 12:30 05 Aug 2006

I don't think the free hosting supports PHP

  ade.h 12:55 05 Aug 2006

Yes it does. Cowgirl66 uses it.

  LoudandNoisy 14:44 05 Aug 2006

Firstly, thanks to cycose.

I tried using the 'form to e-mail' installation from within Heart's own "Massive CGI Script Gallery" and I received the message:- "There was a problem installing the requested script. Please make sure that the directory you are installing to is empty." in big red bold letters across the top of the screen.

I have created a cgi-bin directory both in the root directory and in the private_html directory. I have given them both drwxrwxrwx attributes and they are both empty!

I agree with you that their blurb makes it appear that Free Hosted sites can make use of cgi and the cgi/php library. Is there a Heart support specialist who reads these forums, who can clarify this?

Secondly thanks to ade.h and harristweed. Maybe I have to bite the bullet and ask ade.h if you can please let me have a copy of the file you sent to cowgirl66

I really could do with getting my forms working, and she certainly seems to have done it with your help.

Anticipatingly yours,


  ade.h 15:38 05 Aug 2006

I'd be happy to do that for you, but there's a bit of info that I will need and a couple of things that you'll need to do with your site:

Firstly, make a success.html page and an error.html page with appropriate comments on it. What they look like is up to you - my most recent site has three versions of the same form with the messages placed above it.

Secondly, find this line in your HTML:

<form name="name of form" action="this may be empty" METHOD=POST>

Set the action to whatever you would like the PHP file to be called. (With so many of them, I name them in relation to the site for easy identification.)

Then send me a message via the envelope stating the name that you chose for the PHP file, your chosen email address, your domain name and the exact URLs of your success and error pages.

No uppercase or spaces please.

  LoudandNoisy 11:09 06 Aug 2006

I've bitten the bullet!

I've read the PHP tutorials on click here This is an excellent site for all this sort of stuff if you want to get a bit deeper into the code than just using Frontpage or Dreamweaver. I used to use click here but I now prefer w3.

ade.h is right! It ain't that difficult!

And so I've been able to construct an html form, serviced by a php file which has captured the form data and sent me an e-mail.

I would still welcome the help that ade.h has promised, which I trust will add "tops and tails" and "bells and whistles" to this process.

I have found, the hard way, that if there are errors in your php code, the result is a blank browser page! This doesn't necessarily mean that functions such as mail() are unavailable to you!

Can one of you gurus point me in the direction of a tool that will tell me where in my php code the errors lie?

Soon be ticking the resolved box!


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