yet another excel one for VoG

  keith-236785 19:25 07 Jan 2005


My nephew has asked me if it is possible to use excel formulas to pick the players and venues for a local pool league, its a little more complex than i can handle though.

he will need a list of players in column B, thier home venue in column C, and the list of available venues in column D

what he needs is for the formula to pick two players at random (column B), check thier venues (column C) and then pick a venue (column D) for the game so that niether is at thier home venue (C), these players and the venue then need removing from the pick list.... to repeat until all the players have been selected he will then need to print out the result.

i just need to know if excel can do this before i start trying to set up the spreadsheet and enter all the names.

thanks in advance


p.s he also wants to have the facility to change a venue manually before printing.

  ACOLYTE 19:32 07 Jan 2005

There is a post about naming people in posts and although i cant help with your post i thought i would point this out.

click here

  VoG II 19:35 07 Jan 2005

Yes, Excel can do this. If you set up the basic table then let us know how the data are arranged, this should be pretty straightforward.

I suggest that you set up a separate sheet that simply lists (unconnected) the players and possible venues. Simply as lists of possibilities.

  keith-236785 20:10 07 Jan 2005

ACOLYTE, sorry i hadn't seen the thread regarding naming people (i have now though), but we all know the real excel experts include VoG among others but my heading wasnt YO VoG,,,, it was slightly more descriptive but i accept the slap on the hand.

VoG, thanks for the info i will contact my nephew and ask him to be more specific and also see if he has any spreadsheets already set up.



  keith-236785 09:36 09 Jan 2005

Just an update, i have contacted my nephew who says he will sort out some data, but knowing him it could be a while so thanks again and i will start a new post on this when i have the info.

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