As from yesterday IE9 & Firefox both went into mega slow mode.

  Graphicool1 14:44 07 Nov 2012

Windows 7 - IE9 & Firefox

As from yesterday IE9 & Firefox both went into mega slow mode. Using FF just now from the moment I'd typed in the PCA URL to getting to the 'Tech Helproom' it took 7 minutes plus?! Also it's taking forever to download anything.

I can't see how the following could have had any connection, but I know how you like to have all the facts leading up to an occurance. Well the last two things I've done recently was...

(1) - On Sunday I installed the latest Nvidia Graphics Driver. On Monday, while I was playing a game, the screen went totally black for a blink of an eye, followed by a Windows message that it was caused by Nvidia. So I rolled back the driver.

  caccy 15:52 07 Nov 2012

No problem with FF and PCA here, yesteday or today.

  Graphicool1 16:16 07 Nov 2012


Since posting this thread I have downloaded and installed Avant & Opera. They both perform exactly the same as IE9 & FF.

In answer to your question No I haven't 'checked my ISP's status page for problems'. But Yes I have run a speed test. Here is the result of that...

Download - 0.13 Mbps Upload - 0.37 Mbps

  Nontek 16:24 07 Nov 2012

Wow, that's what you call SLOWWWWWWWW!

Assuming you are on Broadband, get BT or whoever, to check your line! Definitely something is not right. And as above get in touch with your ISP!

  Graphicool1 16:33 07 Nov 2012

I've rebooted my router a few times, but to no avail. I've been with my ISP since I first got a PC with Windows 95. My ISP is ORANGE and I'm using a new router that they just sent me.

I've just noticed this page isn't showing in its entirety. None of the little icons are showing, such as 'B' for Bold, the little World symbol, where you add a URL etc.

  Batch 16:41 07 Nov 2012

" I'm using a new router that they just sent me "

Maybe, just maybe.....

  Nontek 16:43 07 Nov 2012

Could be a faulty router - Check with your ISP again.

  Graphicool1 16:55 07 Nov 2012

The router is a 'BrightBox'. I presume that if I hook my old 'Belkin' router up again instead of this one, I'll have to set it up again from scratch, is that right?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:03 07 Nov 2012

No the password etc. should still be good just plug (by cable) and try

  Graphicool1 17:08 07 Nov 2012

"Could be a faulty router - Check with your ISP again."

So far, although as yet I haven't got to talk to them direct, they've been less than helpfull. They're saying things like...

turn off any other web programs

The first thing we suggest you do is reset/suspend any other Internet activity or network activity if your PC is a part of a network.

Remember if you have any peer to peer software open that other Internet users may be uploading files from your computer's hard drive, which has an impact on your connection. If you're not sure, it's unlikely that you are.

check your browser

We suggest that you delete your cookies, and reset Internet Explorer, to see if this improves the speed that you can view web pages.

close all other programs

It's a good idea to exit applications you don't need when you're using Internet Explorer, particularly if your computer has less than 128MB of RAM. It's also good practice to limit the number of windows that Internet Explorer has open at the same time and close web pages that you don't need.

'Defragment' your hard drive

If you've been using your PC for a while, the hard disk may have become 'fragmented'. This means it's storing files in small parts, spread across many different places on the drive. This has a detrimental effect on speed, as it takes time for the computer to find and compile all the parts when launching a program or open a file.

We recommend you 'defrag' your hard disk every few months. The following Help article explains how do to it: how to defragment your computer's hard disk

unplug other USB devices

If you've got printers or scanners attached to your computer that use a USB cable, these can cause connection problems. Try unplugging these devices to see if the connection problem is solved.

check for stuck Email

If you're trying to download an attachment that's more than 2MB using Outlook Express, this could block your connection. To check if you have a stuck email see how to delete a stuck email using the Web.

Its also worth noting that web pages will take longer to load if you're simultaneously downloading a large email.

I've just checked the all filters and all lines in and out and changed the ethernet lead.

  Graphicool1 17:10 07 Nov 2012

I've just seen your response Fruit Bat //0\\, I'll give it a go.

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