Yes, Thats right. Still no sound!

  rafael 19:02 11 Dec 2005

Hello again. This is Thierry Henri. It looks like i need to make a few things clear, so lets try again :

* My soundcard is physically installed on my computer

* The drivers are installed

* My speakers work, and theyre plugged into the green socket on my pc (not the soundcard itself. This has worked before and theres no reason why it shouldnt work again). Theres no way that i can plug them into my soundcard, nor do i want to. As i say, this has worked before.

* Theres no problem with the drivers or the soundcard.

* In the volume tab of S,S and Audio devices, the fader is greyed out, and the volume is down, so i cant adjust it.

  wee eddie 19:04 11 Dec 2005

It's a a Sound Distributer.

  wee eddie 19:06 11 Dec 2005

You will get your sound back.

  PaulB2005 19:09 11 Dec 2005

Well i'm glad wee eddie is here as i'm totally confused.

  rafael 19:18 11 Dec 2005

How exactly do i enable on board sound?

  PaulB2005 19:22 11 Dec 2005
  PaulB2005 19:22 11 Dec 2005

Go into the BIOS and enable the onboard sound. Maybe called AC97.

  rafael 19:36 11 Dec 2005

Originally, the onboard sound was enabled. Then i disabled it, and thats how it is now.

The trouble is with the greyed out fader in the volume tab of S,S & Audio devices. If i cant adjust the volume (ie turn it up) i wont be able to hear anything at all, no matter what else i do.

  PaulB2005 19:39 11 Dec 2005

That's because the on-board sound is disabled. Enable it and the greyed out fader will be activated.

If i read the previous thread correctly you have on-board sound and a Sound Processor. It is NOT a sound card. It takes the on-board sound and processes it further but without the on-board sound there is no sound at all.

Enable the on-board sound.

  rafael 19:47 11 Dec 2005

Im going to enable the on board sound again, right now. However, my point was that i have been unable to get any sound whether its on or off. If it needs to be on, ill take your word for it, but ive been advised to turn it off by someone else, hence my complete confusion.

I hope it works, but ill be very surprised, because it didnt work before.

  rafael 19:51 11 Dec 2005

Ive just gone into bios to turn the onboard sound on.

It was already enabled.

As i say my speakers etc are fine, and the soundcard (or whatever) is properly installed and so are the drivers.

I havent found anything that implies that theres a problem with the hardware or software.

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